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How do you get someone to listen to you?

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Shout there name and say "ok listen to me!"

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What is a word for when someone is pretending not to listen?

I would probably think to "ignore" someone is a word that means that someone is pretending not to listen to someone else.

Is it normal to listen?

of course it is. When you have a radio on you listen to it. When someone is talking you listen to them. when a dog barks or a cat meows you listen Everything that you hear is because you are listening.

What is meant by counseling?

Someone to talk and listen to you.

Where can I listen to the song Someone waits for you?

on youtube

What is the opposite of listen?

Ignore. To ignore someone is to not listen. Or to speak rather than being spoken to.

Is Listen intransitive or transitive?

In english, one must listen TO something or someone. Listen cannot accepted a direct object so it is intransitive.

What songs should you listen to when you like someone who doesn't like you back?

Listen to whatever songs you want. What should unrequited feelings have to do with what songs you listen to?

How can you listen to someone through the telephone?

wire tap

How do you make your cousins listen to you?

You can't make someone listen to you, so keep talking until they do or they walk away.

What does scoffer mean from the Bible?

Its a negative name for someone. I suppose it means that it is someone who does not listen to council.

Listen to the radio in spanish how to say it?

don't no someone tell me!!!!!

Where is this from 'When you need someone to listen I'll be there'?

William Shakespeare

How do you say listen in french to someone you don't know?

ecoutez !

What was the persecution in Rome?

it is when someone is to be executed if you we re not to listen to the king.

What does lamented mean in one word?

When someone says "no" do you listen

Is listen a silent consonants?

Yes it is because if you listen to someone you have to be silent so you can really hear what any person is saying.

Which bands were inspired by the Beatles?

I would say it's safe to say nearly everyone. If a band you listen to didn't directly listen to the Beatles, they were inspired by someone who did listen to the Beatles.

What do i do i like this boy but someone told me he's a player?

Listen to 'someone' or not. Ask him if he's a 'player' and then decide.

Can someone listen to your phone conversation?

Yes. Someone can listen in to you cell phone conversation. There are spy things out there that you can buy that will let people put in your cell phone number and listen in to conversations or read incoming and outgoing text messages.

What was the first way to listen to music?

Well, it was to listen to it live. To listen to someone in the room play the intrument or sing the song. The first technological way was the record player, I am pretty sure.

Where can someone listen to The Nutcracker music soundtrack?

There are many sites which one can listen to the soundtrack from The Nutcracker. YouTube has many videos listed with music. One can also listen at the AllMusic website.

How to be spying?

Crouch where someone cant see you. Listen to the closest conversation.

How do you tell if your car's back breaks are wearing?

Have someone listen for quiking.

What does non compliant mean?

Someone that is hard headed and doesn't listen.

What happens if you listen to music and you still have stress in you?

You need to see someone