How do you get someone to love you again if they lost all feelings for you?

For me, a took a good look at myself..... Spent weeks asking questions like why me? Did i act wrong? what do i do? true love should last a lifetime....., maybe tomorrow he'll change his mind......

After crying & thinking long and hard, i went back home (i was in college at the time). Luckily, i had a wise brother who opened the door and saw right through me. He took me to his room and asked "what was the excuse? " I told my brother he said he doesn't feel anything anymore and doesn't want to stand in my way.

My brother shook his head and said, "either way, its bad. What's left is your dignity... Don't leave without it". I was too naive. I told my brother he was my first and only, we still loved each other, when he misses me, he'd call and we'd get back together.......

My brother's advice:::

If someone tells you they've lost feelings for you, it could mean the following:

a) They've gotten what they wanted(sex, money, even companionship) and want to move on to the next.

b) They didn't love you at all..... It was mere infatuation and they are seeing someone else.

c) They are afraid, being blackmailed or plain selfish(which is sadly human nature).

He told me that when someone loves you totally, it is deep.... cant be helped, not based on material stuff and doesn't just fade away. He said even true love has its flaws but when someone has lost feelings for you and tells you to your face, don't sit around waiting for change or trying hard to win back love. Walk away with your dignity.

Walking away and staying sane was the hardest part. My confidence went out the window for years, and i cried alot .

Looking back, I'm glad my brother was home. I'm glad i didn't beg him to take me back and took the high road.

Now that i understand what it means to be worth much more, I'll like you to know that life sucks sometimes. You could choose to hold on to what wasn't there or you choose to live again.... Start afresh (not easy but worth it) and hope your sun will shine tomorrow.

Best part is, its a choice only you can make............ Best of luck.