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The writing process is the same for every size of project. Brainstorm ideas -- research either through library or observation or experiment -- draft a thesis -- outline -- write a rough draft -- repeat any earlier steps as often as needed. Tips: * Start every big research project with note cards. While researching, write down pertinent items (facts, figures, quotes) on the note cards. Make sure to paraphrase when not using direct quotes. Add the citation or footnote, depending on the writing style, to the note card. After gathering all the research, it is now possible to go back to the cards and shuffle them into an order for the paper. Number the cards or write an outline of the paper before beginning to type it up and just use the cards for the specifics. * Ask the teacher or professor or visit a local library for books pertaining to the writing style for the project.

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Q: How do you get started writing a big final year project?
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