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i really do not know, im trying 2 find it myself!

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Where do you find sudowood in Pokemon FireRed?

It's not possible to find Sudowoodo in Pokemon FireRed. You will need to trade for one from a Pokemon Emerald game-save.

Where can you find sudowoodo in pokemon firered?

You can`t find him in firered unless you decide to get the two rare stones for celeo. Then, you can go to the upper floors of pokecenter and then you go to trades and you trade with POKEMON EMERALD VERSION. This is the only way to get Sudowoodo in firered. No need to thank me [:-)You need to trade one from Silver or Gold, there is no native Sudowoodo in FR/LG.

Can you catch a sudowoodo in FireRed?

You can only catch sudowoodo in emerald.

What type of Pokemon is Sudowoodo?

Sudowoodo is a Rock type pokemon.

What guy to you trade to get sudowoodo in FireRed?


What will you get if you breed a Ditto and sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?


Can you catch sudowoodo in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No you will need Emerald or Pokemon Colosseum to trade you a Sudowoodo.

Were is the Pokémon soodowoodoin Pokémon FireRed?

you can't get it if you mean Sudowoodo

How do you catch a sudowoodo in firered version?

Sorry, but you'll need to get it in a trade.

Can you get Sudowoodo on Pokemon Diamond?


What is that Pokemon blocking your way in Pokemon soul silver?

The Pokemon bocking your way is a Sudowoodo. To battle the Sudowoodo, you must use the Squirt Bottle on it.

Where do you battle sudowoodo in Pokemon platinum?

you can battle/catch sudowoodo on Rt. 221

How do you catch sudowoodo in Pokemon pearl?

You can find Sudowoodo on Routes 214 and 221.

Do you need sudowoodo for rock smash in soul silver?

Sudowoodo is not the only Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash. There are many Pokemon that can learn it. Most fighting type Pokemon can learn the TM. So no, you do not need Sudowoodo.

Does sudowoodo evolve in pokemon emerald?

No..sudowoodo never evolves into any pokemon ..not only in emerald but any other version...

How do you get sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?

Sudowoodo can be found after you defeat the elite four. Sudowoodo is located at south-eastern area of the Battle Frontier.

How do you make sudowoodo breed in Pokemon SoulSilver?

the only way to make sudowoodo breed is get a ditto or trade a Pokemon for sudowoodo in a other game butt make sure if you boy Pokemon to breed you need a girl except for ditto

Where to get staryu in firered?

In Pokemon firered you can't, but in Pokemon leafgreen you can get it then trade it to Pokemon firered.

What is the rare Pokemon by the battle frontier Pokemon Emerald?


What Pokemon does brock have in Pokemon Galactic Battles?


What is sudowoodo in Pokemon Silver?

a rock Pokemon disguised as a tree

How do you defeat sudowoodo in Pokemon Pearl?

With a water type pokemon.

How do you catch sudowoodo in Pokemon Silver?

if you know the sudowoodo blocking the way u have to battle it and catch it

What is the national pokedex number for Sudowoodo?

Sudowoodo is #185 in the national pokedex, and it is a Rock type Pokemon.

Can you copy Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

can you copy Pokemon on firered