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open a command prompt and ping the web address. If it is a valid address, it will return the ip.

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Q: How do you get the IP address of a web link?
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What is the difference between IP Address and a Web address?

The IP address is the ID that represents an Internet service provider, such as the one you're using to view the Internet. A web address it the address that represents a website which is controlled by certain IP addresses.

What do you understand from a web address?

A web address is a human understandable text. This text is converted to IP address to get the web page.

What is the difference between an IP address and a web address?

IP Address is 32 bit Number & Web Address is the URL of any Website. For example, a web address is of the type - The IP(v4) address is of the format - Each x is a digit from 1-9. xxx can be any value from 1 - 255.

How do yu change the ip address on hp 2430 printer?

To change the IP address, a configuration page must be printed. The address will be on that page. Then, the IP address can be typed into the web browser bar to change it.

Can any body know you from your IP address?

If you have ever typed in your name while using the web, then yes, they can know you by your IP address.

Can i know someone else's IP address if yes... how?

You just google find someone else's IP address and you will find a lot of web sites to find someones IP address

Is a Public IP address?

No it's a reserved IP address for local/internal networks. There are other reservations and they are: through to though to through to The IP range to is also reserved as loopback address If you want see what your external facing IP address is there are many web sites that will do this including: (see related link).

Does a url indicate a web address?

Yes, a URL and web address are the same thing. You can also get to a website by typing in that websites IP address.

What does www stand for in a IP address?

world wide web

What is ipconfig renew?

Ipconfig /Renew is something to renew your ip address, therefore changing what address you view web pages from, sometimes you could have a bad IP address and renewing your IP address can solve your internet problems.

How do you find other computer network address from my computer?

What do you mean "network address"? If you mean users internet address (IP address) than you will not be able to get it directly, some messengers will show you, your interlocutor's IP address in properties menu. But if you want to get other user's IP, he should: connect to your PC or visit any web page which will check and logs his IP (when you are browsing any web page they are logging your IP address, when did you come and what page did you open )

How do you protect your IP address?

If you want to protect your Ip address you can use IP scrambler. Other way is to go to the following link - . If you use IP scrambler your IP will become untraceable .

Can you mask an IP address?

Technically no, but you can view web pages using a different IP, with a proxy browser.

Do websites have ip addresses?

Yes they ip address: Yeah.. Each Web site on the Internet possesses at least one Internet Protocol (IP) address. Knowing a Web site IP address can be useful to determine its physical location.You can check the website's IP address that which one you need to know, through by select the option DOMAIN HOST SEARCH. It will show the IP-address and it includes Geographic location information, ISP, country, longitude and latitude.

How do you find out the geographic location of a url address?

You can search with the web site name in which gives the IP number,location of the web page.

How can you get a physical address from an IP address?

The ISP can link the IP address to the subscriber, but they won't do this for just anyone - it's typically limited to law enforcement agencies.

What does it mean when your web hosting service has changed your IP address?

If you use a different computer then it just says you changed IP address. If not then there is a bug in their system

What happens with a lower ip address?

nothing, an ip address is simply a number used to identify you're computer over the web most commonly

What do you mean IP?

Internet provider. Usually refers to your address on the web.

What type ip address should be assigned to a web server?


How is a web proxy different from a caching proxy?

A web proxy attempts to shield your IP address behind the IP address of the server which is hosting the proxy. Simply put, a caching proxy takes a snapshot.

What type of IP address is

This type of IP address is sometimes referred to as a link local address. It is used by computers when they do not have an address that was manually configured or the computer was not told what address to use on that network.

If a computer is found to have an IP address of what you assume about how it received that IP address?

The address range is the Link-local. Link-local addresses allow machines to automatically have an IP address on a network if they haven't been manually configured or automatically configured by a special server on the network (DHCP)

How does web address work when you enter a web address in the web browser?

Web Addresses or domains are purchased on year leases from domain registrars. These names are then binded to an ip on a web server using, commonly, apache. So if you type the IP or the domain name into your browser; the site will pop up.

What type of IP address should be assigned to a web server?

Typically a static IP address, that being one that does not change and is easy to resolve via DNS.