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there is no mew mail in any of the Pokemon games.

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Q: How do you get the Mew mail reader?
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Where is Mew in Pokemon FireRed?

Mew is an event only, being in Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. How to get this mew is by getting the card for it. Back then they had an E-reader. At events for nintendo they would hand out cards for the reader/scanner out to you. Sadly because most people do not have either of these they hack the game for mew. A problem with the E-reader is that you have to have 2 game boys and a link cable. To get the mew event to emerald you have to get mew (the reader gives you a ticket for the ship in lillycove) in Sapphire or Ruby then mix records for the ticket to get to emerald. Then you can do the event as you would in Sapphire or Ruby.

How to get Mew in Pokemon explorers of darkness by wonder mail?

you can not recruit mew but you can recruit mewtwo cya later

Is there a wonder mail code to get mew automatically on your team in Pokemon time?


Where do you get mew in Pokemon mystery dongeon?

You need to get a wonder mail code for mystery jungle

What is the wonder mail code to unlock mew?

it is get a life and use a better search engine.

Will anyone trade me a mew?

If any one has a mew our ho-oh. I will trade you a Infernape level 100.please send me a answer at Trina h2o @ hot mail .com. If any one has a mew our ho-oh. I will trade you a Infernape level 100.please send me a answer at Trina h2o @ hot mail .com.

Where to find mew in explores of darkness?

you find mew in the mystery jungle. but you must have got the wonder mail password. You can do it at link will take you straight to the wonder mail genarator for explorers of time and darkness.

What devices electronically sort mail by zip code?

The optical character reader electronically sorts mail by zip code.

How do you stop spam mail from MyZamana?

most of mail reader software or internet email service has spam filter you can configure

Is their a wonder mail code to catch mew on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

there's one for a secret mission to fight mew and possibly catch The plac is cald mystery jungl... 30 flrs... mew at end.. with the grass coronet.u can find this wonder mail [after beating blizzard island] on ur mail bord.........hope that's helpful......(most likely you will get him here is the odds 99.9% if not fight him again.

How do you cancel getting more Reader Digest books in the mail?

book club

What is Mew's wonder mail code?

33HJSNFMRME72KD03KF83 Response to previous message, ____________________________________ why cant i use E? wth?

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