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there is no mew mail in any of the Pokemon games.

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Q: How do you get the Mew mail reader?
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Where is Mew in Pokemon FireRed?

Mew is an event only, being in Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. How to get this mew is by getting the card for it. Back then they had an E-reader. At events for nintendo they would hand out cards for the reader/scanner out to you. Sadly because most people do not have either of these they hack the game for mew. A problem with the E-reader is that you have to have 2 game boys and a link cable. To get the mew event to emerald you have to get mew (the reader gives you a ticket for the ship in lillycove) in Sapphire or Ruby then mix records for the ticket to get to emerald. Then you can do the event as you would in Sapphire or Ruby.

How to get Mew in Pokemon explorers of darkness by wonder mail?

you can not recruit mew but you can recruit mewtwo cya later

Is there a wonder mail code to get mew automatically on your team in Pokemon time?


Will anyone trade me a mew?

If any one has a mew our ho-oh. I will trade you a Infernape level 100.please send me a answer at Trina h2o @ hot mail .com. If any one has a mew our ho-oh. I will trade you a Infernape level 100.please send me a answer at Trina h2o @ hot mail .com.

Where do you get mew in Pokemon mystery dongeon?

You need to get a wonder mail code for mystery jungle

What is the wonder mail code to unlock mew?

it is get a life and use a better search engine.

Where to find mew in explores of darkness?

you find mew in the mystery jungle. but you must have got the wonder mail password. You can do it at link will take you straight to the wonder mail genarator for explorers of time and darkness.

Is their a wonder mail code to catch mew on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

there's one for a secret mission to fight mew and possibly catch The plac is cald mystery jungl... 30 flrs... mew at end.. with the grass coronet.u can find this wonder mail [after beating blizzard island] on ur mail bord.........hope that's helpful......(most likely you will get him here is the odds 99.9% if not fight him again.

What devices electronically sort mail by zip code?

The optical character reader electronically sorts mail by zip code.

How do you stop spam mail from MyZamana?

most of mail reader software or internet email service has spam filter you can configure

How do you cancel getting more Reader Digest books in the mail?

book club

Who is the prettiest mew mew?

Renee ( Mew Mew Power ) or Zakuro ( Tokyo Mew Mew ) and Zoey ( Mew Mew Power ) or Ichigo ( Tokyo Mew Mew )

Is there a template for an advertising e-mail?

No, there is not a template for an advertising e-mail. An advertising e-mail's template should be based off of what the advertisement is about, so that it draws in the reader.

How do you get mew to join your team in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

You have to get a special Mission for Mystery Jungle. Do that with a Wonder Mail Generator or get a Wonder mail code. Then go through all 30 floors. At the the end is where mew is. If you beat him he might join your team. He has a 20% recruitment rate.

Did Mew Mew Berry appear in Tokyo Mew Mew?

In the manga she's in the next series Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode ~ Mew Mew Berry? No, she didn't. There's Mew Ichigo, Mew Mint, Mew Lettuce, Mew Pudding and Mew Zakuro

What are the power names for the mew mew power?

Mew zoey Mew corina Mew Bridgette Mew Kiki Mew renee

How do you get mew with wonder mail?

Mystery Jungle is 30 floors long (29 floors and the boss floor, which is Mew). To recruit Mew, make sure that you only bring 1 or 2 Pokemon with you so that you have room to recruit Mew. If you have 4 Pokemon in your team or the size factor for all of your Pokemon is more than 6 stars, you will be unable to recruit Mew. Also, when battling Mew, in order to recruit Mew, you have to make sure that your leader is the one that defeats Mew, and you must defeat Mew while you are standing within 1 tile of Mew. If you defeat the Mew in any other fashion, you will NOT be able to recruit Mew. You must have the dungeon mystery jungle in order to get mew and you must have beaten blizzard island in order to get the secret rank from scizor. The wondermail code is x%8s wyy+ s-jf pfh@ @##k 5w8k

In mew mew power is their a sixth you mew?

there is mew berry and mew ringo.

What is the name of the seventh mew from mew mew power?

There is no 7th mew mew.

What device electronically sorts mail by zip code?

Optical character reader The device that electronically sorts mails by zip code is the Optical character reader.

How do you recruit mew in explorers of time?

Mew is in Mystery Jungle after the 29th floor. To get Mystery Jungle, on the menu, go to wonder mail, then receive wonder mail, then Nintendo wfc, wait for connection, then accept "explore Mystery Jungle" mission. REMEMBER-must defeat story in order to accept mission.

How old is Corina in Mew mew power?

11 tokyo mew mew 14 mew mew power

In mew mew power is their a sixth mew mew?

Yes there is a 6th mew mew to the storyline.Its a guy thought,its not a girl like the others usually are. The blue Knight which is also Mark. Yes, but the answer is not true. The Blue Knight is NOT a mew mew, there is a sixth and seventh mew mew but they are not in the TV show Mew Mew Power, the sixth mew mew is Mew Berry in Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode, a manga and the seventh is Mew Ringo who is not a true mew mew because she does not have the animal gene in her, she gets her powers from a necklace, Mew Ringo is in a video game. And if you count Mini Mew there are eight all together.

Where is Kiki's Mew Mew Mark?

In Tokyo Mew Mew, Pudding's (Kiki) mew mew mark is on her forehead. In Mew Mew Power, 4Kids took her mark off.

When did Ringo and berry becae mew mews?

Berry became a mew mew in the sequal, Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode. Ringo became a mew mew in the Tokyo Mew Mew playstation game.