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How do you get the Sacred Emerald Egg in Pokemon Emerald?

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xxxGetting the Sacred Emerald Eggyou hav to train nincada to level 100 then gow to the prof then catch every Pokemon in the game ino its hard but it pays off now catch a charmander and train it to level 99 don't let it evolve then beat the elite 4 200 times then go and get ditto train it to level 100 then breed ditto with every Pokemon in the gamethen hatch all the eggs and talk yto may now go to ever gande city and battle wally then then breed ditto and nincada till u have a full box of eggs you breeded with nincada and ditto hatch them all the last one you hatch withbe the Pokemon u got from sacred egg then train the Pokemon to level 100 then breed the Pokemon and ditto and then u got the sacred egg try it it worked for me plus ma team cant be beaten cause they ar all 100xxx

Edit by pokegeek19:Oh my gosh... Can't you tell this is fake. You got tricked. There is no sacred emerald egg. If Nintendo had put one in there, do you really think they would have you go through that long list? If they did, then who would be so retarded to go "Hey, I think I'll do all this stuff and see what happens". It would remain undiscovered because no one could do that. Think of the space it would take for all the Pokemon, and then all their eggs. that's well over the might even pass the limit multiple times. And, how do you get eggs from the ones that don't give them? Pichu, cleffa, kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, latias, latios all do not make eggs. You have to pay attention and know when the guy saying a long to-do list is spouting a load of crap. There is no emerald egg.

Edit by DiegoLopez01: That is not true if you mate a latios and a latias you will get the higher lvl. If you try to use a ditto it wont work no matter how long u leave it in the day-care center.

2011-09-13 04:03:38
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What is the Sacred Emerald Egg in Pokemon Emerald?

no such thing

How do you get an egg in Pokemon emerald?

It is possible to get an egg that will hatch into a Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald Version. You can get one by breeding Pokemon.

How does one duplicate Sacred Ash in Pokemon Emerald?


What hatches out the egg in emerald?

A Pokemon.

How do you get sacred ash in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald, Ho-Oh will be holding a Sacred Ash item when it is caught. One can also be found on Navel Rock using the Itemfinder.

When is Pokemon sacred emerald version coming out?

Never :d

What is the Pokemon in the egg from the lady that gives it you in Pokemon emerald?


Can you get a larvitar on Pokemon emerald version?


Where can you find Pokemon emerald sacred version in Australia?

srry to bust ur bubble but thats actually a pokemon hack of emerald

Does the egg change Pokemon depending on which starter Pokemon you pick in Pokemon emerald?


Can a regi have an egg in Pokemon Emerald?

a regi cannot have a egg in any Pokemon game because they are nongendered

What Pokemon can you find in navel rock on Pokemon emerald?

You can find ho-oh and sacred ash

How does a Egg Hatch in Pokemon Emerald?

yes tou can

Can you hatch a bad egg in Pokemon emerald?


What is in the egg you get at lavaridge town in Pokemon emerald?


Is mew egg real in Pokemon emerald?


How long does it take for an egg to hatch on Pokemon Emerald?

i don't have Pokemon emerald, but the answer is always the same. not how long. how many steps. walk ALOT and the egg will slowly start to hatch

What Pokemon do you get out off the egg in emerald?

you get a wynaut from the old lady

What is the Pokemon emerald code for instant egg hatch?


Can Salamence learn hydro pump in Pokemon Emerald?

Salamence can only learn Hydro Pump as an egg move in Pokemon Emerald.

How can you get Azurill in Pokemon Sapphire without using Pokemon Emerald?

hach an egg or surf

On Pokemon emerald can you have two different Pokemon have an egg?

yes but they must have different genders

On Pokemon emerald can you put a male Pokemon in the daycare with a Ditto and get an egg?

yes actually you can

How do you get a Wynaut egg in Pokemon Emerald?

the old lady in leveridge town will give you the egg of wynaut.

How do you make a sterter egg in Pokemon emerald?

Put a starter with a ditto in the Pokemon daycare and wait for an egg hatch it to get the baby starter.