Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness

How do you get the StonePlate or Enigma Part in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

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You get the StonePlate or Enigma part by doing missions on the left bulletin board "help me find the secret slab" or something like that

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Where can you find StonePlate or Enigma part in Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time?

You can get them from random missions.

On Pokemon mystery dungeons darkness how do you get the enigma part or secret stoneplate?

you can find it when u put in a code :)

How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky?

Mt. Wind (19F) Requires Stone Slab or Enigma Plate

Where is moltres in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

It is in Final Maze 40F you need secret stone plate or enigma part in bag (secret slab or mystery part)

How do you get an enigma part in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

put this in wonder mailPXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=

How do you get an enigma part in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

You need to get a Wonder-mail code. To get it visit the PMD explorers of Sky website. That's where I got it from.

Where do you find Lugia on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

lugia is on bottomless sea 18th floor but u need the enigma part or secret slab to make him appear

What is the enigma part the mystery dungeon explorers of time?

The engima part is an item if held in your inventory after Manaphy tells you about the marine resort can make certaint legendary Pokemon appear!

Where can you find an enigma part in Pokemon mystery 2?

it is PXJ634F44Q3FQW&KYRX538+=

How do you get celibe in Pokemon mystery dongen explorers of time?

First you need a mystery part or enigma part. Then go to mystery jungle at BF13. Celebi will be there.

How do you unlock Zapdos in Mystery Dungeon 2?

amp plains 7F. but you will need mystery part-enigma part. get it on link

How do you get darkrai in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

You find him in various places with enigma thingy in your backpack or whatever. or something er rather slab, does that make any sense? You'll find him in various places. Go to then look at the games down the left hand column then click Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky. Then on the right hand column, click legendary Pokemon. Scroll down and hunt away.

A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma?

How about a conundrum? Or an enigma.

What is the synonym of enigma?


How do you get stoneplate or enigma piece?

2 get secret slab or enigma piece u need 2 find a mission that says reward:secret slab/enigma piece or mission objective: find secret slab/enigma piece.These missions can be found at spinda cafe,in a message in a bottle or on the job bulletin board.

What are the synonyms for mystery?

enigma, conundrum

How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

red/blue: Far-off mountain top(40F) (wth friend area rainbow peak) Time/darkness: Mt. wind 19f (wth enigma part) Thank me later

What is the wonder mail code to get an enigma part in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+= This also works in explorers of time I entered the Wonder Mail password and the reward is 150p instead of the enigma part. Which is very weird. I searched a lot of websites, but all of them are the same. you need to go with pichu

How do you recruit Darkrai on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

Beleive me, i have tried eighty times, its IMPOSSIBLE!!! i have a friend bow, enigma part, amber tear, NOTHING WORKS!!! I do have a cheat for sky that makes you a darkrai though, and level 1OO but you cant turn back

A sentence for the word enigma?

"An enigma wrapped in mystery and riddled with controversy" is how UFO's have been described. He/she is an enigma. The location of 'The Lost Dutchman' gold mine remains an enigma.

How do you get enigma part in Pokemon dungeon darkness?

you put on your ds, select wonder mail, select receive, select by pass, type: PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=, do the mission, and as a reward, you get a enigma part

Pokemon mystery dungeon of sky explorers of sky enigma part?

i think it's called the mystery part and you can get it on treasure hunts or sealed chambers (you must be at least diamond rank)or search for the secret slab (also need diamond rank) Not true. I got a mystery part when I was in ultra rank. by the way, what does a mystery part do? The mystery part or secret slab are used to recruit legendary Pokemon such as Lugia, Ho-Oh, Zapdos, Celebi, Latias, Latios, Deoxys, and Darkrai. If you want more go to this link ----> <----. You can get them by going to "Wondermail S" and "Password" go to this link to get Wondermail S codes ----> <----. Just search for Mystery Part and you should find one. :)

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Enigma : the unsolved Mystery

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