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go to the tower below solceon town

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How do you get hm rock tomb on Pokemon diamond?

The move Rock Tomb is a TM, not a HM.

Where do you get rock throw on Pokemon diamond?

A TM located through out the world.

How do you get the TM rock push in Pokemon diamond?

Assuming you mean the HM Strength, you can get it from an elderly lady at the top of the haunted tower south of Solaceon Town.

What is TM 90 in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond the TM 90 is the move substitute.

Where is TM spark in Pokemon Diamond?

their is no tm for spark in pokemon

How do you get TM rock climb in Pokemon Emerald?

You Can't Get The HM Rock Climb In Pokemon Emerald Because Its Only Availible In Pokemon Diamond,Pearl,And Platinum.

Where do you get the TM hypnosis in Pokemon diamond?

Hypnosis is not a TM.

Where do you get the TM bite on Pokemon diamond?

There is no TM bite!

Where do you get the TM to push boldes in Pokemon ruby?

When you smash the rock Granite cave, a person gives it to you.

How do you obtain the HM Rock Tomb in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

rock tomb is a TM you'll find it in a poke ball

Where is rock slide in Pokemon Diamond?

Tm Rock Slide is found in Route 207 across the bridge, which is Mt. Coronet

How do you get the TM move hypnosis in Pokemon diamond?

There is no hypnosis TM

Where is TM 129 in Pokemon diamond?

There is no such thing as TM 129.

What TM is 17 in Pokemon diamond?

TM 17 is Protect.

Can you fin the TM peck in Pokemon diamond?

No, Peck is not a TM.

TM Sleep in Pokemon diamond?

There is no Tm sleep in diamond, there is a sleep talk, which you can find in eterna forest.

Where can you get the the TM horn drill Pokemon diamond?

Horn drill is not a TM in diamond only in red and blue.

Where do you get TM morning sun on Pokemon diamond?

sorry but there is no TM morning sun in any Pokemon games

Is Thunder punch a TM in Pokemon diamond?


Pokemon diamond how to get the TM earthquake?

at a place

What TM is hyper beam in Pokemon diamond?

TM 15- Hyper Beam.

Pokemon diamond how to get the TM 26?

You can find TM 26 in Wayward cave

Where do you get the TM sunnyday on Pokemon diamond?

You can find the TM sunnyday on route 212.

What is the TM in Pokemon Diamond?

It stands for technical move. there are lots of them on diamond.

Where do you get TM 43 in Pokemon diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, TM 43 teaches Pokemon the move Secret Power. It can be found in Amity Square which is just north of Hearthome City.