How do you get the Titanium Dioxide Out of M and M's?

I kinda made this question, then answered it... Because I thought that it would be beneficial to those whom it may concern. Anyway:

Get roughly 20 M&M's, any color, but make sure that they are the normal ones. EG: Not the "Crunchy" ones or the "Peanut" ones.

Place the m&ms into a container. Then pour water into it, until the M&M's are submerged, and wait until all of the color and white stuff has come off. Give the container a good swirl to speed it up.

Then take the m&m's out - eat them if you want, they taste fine - then put the remaining liquid into a nice untouched place that won't get knocked or bumped. Over 1-2 days, all the titanium dioxide will sink to the bottom. Then pour out the liquid on top. Add in some more water, swirl it around and pour that out too.(We're trying to get out all of the impurities)Add in some more water, just a few drops, and, Using a paint brush wipe down the bottom of the container. And there you have it, titanium dioxide, mixed with water, but it is still titanium dioxide. You can then go and make a solar panel from this If you want to make a solar panel then just search up "Titanium Dioxide Solar Panel"