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How do you get the Wonder Gift in Pokemon if it does not show up?

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first go to a pokemart and go to the paper on the counter. then put "link togerter with all'".

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Why are there only Wonder Cards and Wonder News but no Wonder Gifts in Pokemon FireRed?

The two Mystery Gift options can only be used by hooking up to a machine at a Pokemon event. There is no such thing as a Wonder Gift - there is only Wonder News and Wonder Cards.

Where can you get the auoroa ticket on Pokemon emerald?

Go to Altering CAVE and activate a Wonder Spot.Then when the event comes up get the Mystery Gift

How do you get someone to receive the mystery gift in Pokemon emerald?

go to the sky pillar an use the item finder then it will show up

If you have Mystery Gift for LeafGreen but can not get the Wonder Gift what is the problem?

simple.u have to link up with Nintendo to get the wonder gift optionAnsweru can get onto mystery gift by going into a mart and answer on the questionare LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL and go back to the start and select mystery gift i don't know what 2 do then???

How do you use the mystery gift system when you don't know what a wonder card is or a Adaptor?

go to Pokemon battle revoloution wii game and buy a mystery gift send it to your ds by taking the following action:go to mystery gift in your ds's Pokemon game main menu then press mystery gift (you can get it by talking to a man in one of jublife city's buildings) then press get via wireless and just wait to receive it (you do not need wi-fi connection to do this but you do need a pokedex) then you will have a wonder card (you can carry up to 3 wonder cards) or you can use wi-fi to get it just wait day-night and it should come. the adaptor is the wii and the wonder card is umm...sorry to tell you this but i don't know the wonder card so's still unknown

How do you make the guy holding the storage key to show up in Pokemon platinum?

get mystery gift from guy at jubilife tv and then use wfc with freinds to unlock mystery gift who will appear at pokemart by seyhmus

How do you delete a wonder card on Pokemon Platinum?

Start up the game. Go to Mystery Gift then select "Check Card." You'll go to a Wonder Card. Select whichever card you want then click the A button and a menu will come up that will say "Info," "Trash" and "Exit." Select Trash and it'll be deleted.

On Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky how do you use wonder mail cheats?

Go to and type Pokemon Exlores Of the sky wonder mail and there are at least12 golden seed wonder mail to lv. up

How do you catch a deoxes on Pokemon FireRed?

You have to get the Aurora Ticket from a Nintendo Event and head to Birth Island to solve the puzzle. I've never been to the island before, so I don't know how to solve the puzzle. Sorry. Oh, and in order to get the ticket, you must have the Mystery Gift option available in the pre-game menu. Just head to a Pokemon Mart and fill out the questionnaire with "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" to get it. Once you have that, simply access Mystery Gift and select the ticket from the Wonder Gift option. However, in order to get the ticket under the Wonder Gift option, you must hook up to a Wonder Spot at a Nintendo Event. So it's back to square one. Sorry.

When do legendary Pokemon show up after you faint it in Pokemon black?

They never show up again unless your facing Victini.

How do you link up with Nintendo to get the mystery gift?

you can link together with all in mystery gift in Pokemon it depends in what version do you have^^

In Pokemon Blue is mew under the truck?

no it is only a rumor some one came up with gee i wonder who makes up all the Pokemon rumors

Where do you pick up mystery gift Pokemon?

in the pokemart a gut in a green shirt will say he received a gift and then he gives it to u

After you select the Mystery Gift and then the Wonder Card the game asks for a trainer How do you get that information?

if u could axect yhe wonder card they will give u the arora ticket to go to birth isl but i keep try to get it with my friend and it doesn't work we wait for 30 minut but it doesn't work oh yeah and how do u get a wonder card.plzzz tell me how to get it and ill tell u how to work the wonder card PEACE OUT!!! there isn't such a thing as a woder cardbut there is something called a wonder spot and those are only at certain events(pokemon rocks america)for more info go to You have to link up with a trainer. (another game) accsess the mystery gift defeat the e4 link up with another trainer that defeated the e4 and acessed the mystery gift

What is the wonder mail code for mobile orbs in Pokemon time?

its all up to chance that you find it

How do you use the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald?

you have to link up with someone else through a game link, then use mistery gift.put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL at a Pokemon mart

How do you get onto Pokemon crater?

you type Pokemon online in on Google and it will show up

How do you get Pokemon from platinum to show up in your box?

The you let it show up in the box is by having six Pokemon in your party and then catch another and it will automatically put it in your box

Where to get rainbow pass on Pokemon fr?

you have to go to a random mart and at the side of the desk there is a sheet fill it out by putting link together with all and a man will go all weird and come up to you and say you know about the mysterygift then when he stops yapping save it and turn it of and back on and under the new game option it will say wonder gift and select on wonder gift and u have to work out the rest ps you have to plug in the wirelass adapter in your gameboy

Where is the closest Wonder Spot for Pokemon in Garden Grove California?

Pokemon.Com will say when one is coming up.

On Pokemon diamond how do you get the bloon Pokemon to show up?

to get driffbloom go to the windworks on a Friday

Where do you get the Pokemon heart gold enigma stone event 31 July to 27 august 2010?

It is a mystery gift, and you have to make room on your wonder cards, if you don't have room in the first place, and then you can get the enigma stone. To delete a wonder card just open them up, and press trash. Take it to pewter city museum after you get it to get Latios, or Latias in soul silver.

What do wonder gummis do on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

They boost I.Q., fill up belly with 50, and all types of Pokemon like them. They are really worth it :)

How do you get to seven treasures in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

you need wonder codes. if you want them all you have to do is go to you tube and look up Pokemon mystery dungeon codes

Can you get two wonder cards at the same time?

Yes, the Pokemon games can hold up to three Wonder Cards at once. However if you get four, you must delete one to make room for the fourth. This really doesn't matter if you've already received the gift, though. For more information on Pokemon visit