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How do you get the Wonder Gift on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?


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Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: * Go To a Pokemart and fill out the questionnaire "Link Together With All". The clerk will say "'Oh, hello, you know the words. That means you know about Mystery Gift, from now on, you will be receiving Mystery Gifts!" (save and shut off). Once you're back on the start screen, under "new game" slot there's a new choice Mystery Gift! Get a friend to use Mystery Gift with the wireless adapter. (I didn't do this part). Then go to the second floor of any Pokemon Center and talk to the guy in the green hat. He'll say "Thanks, for using Mystery Gift", and give you a ticket. Now you also have a ticket to Birth Island(location of Deoxys). * Go to any Pokemart you should see a clip board press A. It will ask if you want to fill it in, say "yes" and then press "select", find the word LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL by finding letters L, T, W and A. When you finish, the man will give you a Mystery Gift. Link with a friend on Mystery Gift and you get Wonder Gift * Unfortunately, Nintendo forgot about us in the UK and made it so that you can only get the Mystery/Aurora Tickets through a Nintendo Event such as Pokemon Rocks America. Or you can use an e-reader as long as you have the correct cards. * On English editions, it's called Wonder Cards and you use them with a friend. * You can get the Mystery Gift by doing any of the above and you can also go to and go on Pokemon FireRed Magic Door Codes and go anywhere you want.


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The two Mystery Gift options can only be used by hooking up to a machine at a Pokemon event. There is no such thing as a Wonder Gift - there is only Wonder News and Wonder Cards.

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Wonder Gifti think it has to be the us version cause English version only has wonder cards and wonder new AnswerThere ain't such thing,even in the US version.

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In Celadon City there is an Eevee, and at water labyrinth there is a togepi. There might be others, but i don't know.

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by trading with a friend or having Pokemon silver and trade that to firered or leafgreen and migrating or an event or mystery gift

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Learn how to work the Mystery Gift and go to the Machine "Wonder Spot".

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