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Hello what you will find is that there are actually 3 thumb screws that have to be removed in order to change out the turn signal light bulb. Basically, these three thumb screws anchor the whole headlight assembly. Although it should be designed such that you only need to remove the turn-signal assembly you cannot because of a hidden anchor clip on the lower portion of the turn-signal assembly. There are detailed instructions in the the shop manual. If you do not have a manual, here is how to do it (directions assume removing drivers-side headlight assembly and viewing the area from the front of the van):

Remove the thumb screw on the left side of the headlight assembly as well as the thumb screw on the top of the head light assembly. The third thumb screw simply anchors the turn-signal assembly to the head light assembly. Initially, just loosen that screw. The whole assembly is now loose but still held in by two plastic posts on the bottom of the headlight assembly and two plastic posts on the end of the turn-signal assembly closest to the fender/wheel area. Pull the whole assembly kind of up, out, and down. It takes a bit of juggling but it will come out. Once the whole assembly is out you can separate the turn-signal assembly from the head light assembly and put the headlight assembly back in place.

To separate the assemblies remove the third thumb screw (if its too tight to remove by hand you will need a Torx screw driver of size T-30; if you don't have a Torx a small flathead screw can work); also, you will notice the hidden clip that is the final anchor holding the turn-signal assembly to the head light assembly. Use a flat-head screw driver to release it. Now the units should be separated. To remove the turn signal bulb socket from the turn-signal assembly, simply turn it counter-clockwise while pressing down on the safety clip and pull it out of the back of the turn-signal assembly. The owners manual lists the type of bulb. It should be an amber 3157. The bulb pulls straight out of the socket.

Replace the bulb. Place the socket back into the turn-signal assembly (turn it clockwise until the safety clip snaps). Replace the Headlight assembly (two thumb screws and the two plastic alignment posts anchor it), but do not tighten the screws until the turn-signal assembly is in place.

Replace the turn-signal assembly by first aligning the plastic posts and then anchoring it to the head light assembly with the thrid thumb screw. Make sure everything is aligned properly and tight all the thumb screws. An experienced person can probably make this change, start to finish, in 15 minutes. First timers will probably take 30 minutes as it takes some time to understand how the designers anchored everything.

2010-12-14 00:43:32
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