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Stuck parking brakes are usually due to dirty/worn cables. Try tapping on the brake backing plates with a hammer. Don't hit them real hard and damage them. Some times this will allow the return springs to back off the brakes. If it works and they stick again next time you use your parking brake you need new cables.

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Q: How do you get the back braking system off when the emergency brake seems to be stuck?
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What is wrong when a 1992 Grand AM SE 3.3 has no reverse and seems like you have the emergencery brake on but all other forward gears work?

It means that in your Grand AM SE 3.3 your emergency brake is broken.

How to adjust an emergency brake Kia Sportage?

there seems to be no adjustment, check your rear drum emergency guiders on both wheels, sometimes the cables will jump off, cables stretch also, check the other end where it connects to the brake lever, look with a flashlight thru the passenger side of the slot at the retaining nut and routing.

Changed front disk pads and rotors one brake seems to hang up intermittantly?

You need to bleed the system.

What would cause for the brake pedal to go all the way down and the car will stop but the brake pedal doesn't feel like it has pressure when you step on it?

It seems like there might be air in your brake system. You should try bleeding your brakes and filling it with fresh brake fluid.

Why would the brake pedal not want to depress on my 93 Beretta and not brake You can slam on the brake pedal 3-4 times then it will work but the pedal seems to go to the floor?

dude! sounds like air brake sys.(system needs to be bled get air out of sys.)As for gettin stuck , check linkage,brake booster and master cyl.

Is the braking system on a 1992 Grand Caravan 3.3L non ABS split front rear or diagonal mine seems to lock the right front and left rear?

It is split front and rear. You have two separate brake issues. I would pull all four wheels and take apart all four brakes inspecting along the way. The left front could have a frozen caliper piston,caliper slide pins or a damaged/blocked brake hose. The right rear wheel cylinder may be frozen or the brake is way out of adjustment.

If you use p23575r-15tires on your 1998 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo will it effect the operation of the abs brake system?

Mine seems to work fine.

What would cause a whistling noise coming from whats seems underneath center rear of the car the car is a 2005 Chevy Equinox doesn't happen when idling or braking?

I would think that you have a leak in your exhaust system.

Brake calliper life span?

calliper seems to be sticking up

I own a 2002 tracker 4 dr 2litre auto tran the owners manual says abs brakes are an option How do I find out if it is has abs brakes It seems as it doesn't as front brakes lock up with heavy braking?

very easy, look at the brakes, it should have the brake line, and if you see another line, wired. you have abs. but if you just see the brake line and nothing else, then you dont.

What is the red light behind my 95 mustangs steering wheel that seems to light up when i brake?

Do you mean the " BRAKE " light ? - when the brake fluid level is low in the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment , the " BRAKE " light will come on just like it does when the parking brake is engaged

1996 geo metro and it is smoking oil smoke and in 1st gear automatic transmission it acts real sluggish like trying to drive with the emergency brake on. What is wrong?

There seems to be engine wear (smoke). Excessive wear. trans could also be worn your emergency brake - which is connected to a rear brake drum - could well be stuck... is your car in shape or has been neglected You need to change your piston ring and maybe one of your cylinder might be bad that's why your car is probably slowing you down. The best way get a used motor from a junkyard.

How do I install brake pads?

I do not know how to install brake pads, but the following website seems to be very helpful. They have pictures to illustrate each step.

What do you do if you swallow glass?

Call 911 immediately, or get yourself to the emergency room, if that seems quicker.

My 2001 Ford F250 has overnight gotten or lost its brake pressure and the pedal goes to bottom anyone know what it is?

brake pressure loss and pedal going straight to floor is mostly caused by loss of brake fluid or air in brake system look under car and on inside of wheels to see if fluid is leaking. check brake fluid level at master cylander if no fluid seems to be leaking, have the brake system bled for air. this is the simplest remedy to start with if that doesnt fix it have the brake power booster checked to make sure fluis is not leaking into that also check on firewall in engine bay round booster for fluid and on inside of cab on firewall for fluid

What to check when Turn signals and brake lights won't work?

Many cars use the same bulb for the brake and turn indicator. Seems like one is burnt out. Have someone step on the brake and see if one of the brake lights does not respond.

The light and emergency light come on and wont shut off?

well then it seems like you have a problem!

1997 Ford Aerostar and your emergency parking brake will not release you ve been underneath and it seems the cables are pulled tight not giving any slack Is there some way you can release it?

on the emergency brake handle bracket you will see an adjustment nut on the end of the cable that comes from under the car attaching the cable to brake arm. you need to back the nut off till you have enough to take the rear wheels off to figure out what is causing the problem. common cause would be a cable is frozen with rust build up. release all cables from one and other to figure out which one is faulty.

Could a bad cylinder cause the right front brake to be hot on a Honda Civic that seems to be applying pressure all the time?

ok - i know it's not the main cylinder - but the piston in the caliper seems to get stuck. any way of fixing it without having to bleed the whole system?

What is wrong with the brake of 1992 Van Ram 250 it seems like it won't stop when you step on the brake?

Could be worn or glazed brake pads. Can also be a defective master cylinder, bad proportioning valve, or a brake booster with a vacuum leak.

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I remove the head covers and nothing seems to be broken in there its making a tapping noise could the oil pump be doing that?

When does it make a tapping noise? When your !) braking and turning wheel B) braking c) engine idling D) starting engine E) turning. I mean it just all depends....

Can't get front rotor off a 2001 Saturn SL 200 series?

Just had this problem with my 01 Grand Prix tonight. I hit the crap out of it (the rotor) and it still would not come off. Turns out that having the emergency brake on was stopping me. I chocked the weels and took off the e-brake and they came right off. Hope that works for you. It seems that this answer is not found on any of the pages I've seen so far.

How do you turn off the brake light in the dash of a 2003 Honda Accord?

I open the brake fluid reservoir lid off, check brake fluid level, and put back the lid. Brake light goes away. Seems the plastic float on the lid is not operating correctly in cold temperature.

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