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Bowser Kart is a very rare item, worth one hundred pounds. So it would be quite rare to find it. So, the easiest thing to do is to take your dog on a walk. Make sure it is full, quenched, clean, and has a maximum walk bar. Trace the route around town that covers all ? boxes. And try to grab hidden presents as well, as they hold more valuable items. And, if you have the lucky collar, put that on the dog. Using the lucky collar, your dog will find more valuable items!

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How do you find a peach kart on Nintendogs dalmatian?

On a walk, or get a friend to send it to you on barkmode.

What are the rare items on Nintendogs?

GoLd bar promise ring weird alien mario kart bowser kart peach kart rc helicopter combat copter and very fine vase

How do you get a browser kart on Nintendogs labrador?

To get a bowser kart , you have to be lucky, and find one on a walk. it is best if you put on a lucky collar or a new year tiara, as you can get rarer items

How do you get a dalmatian on Nintendogs dachshund version?

On all versions of nintendogs (other than dalmatian) you have to either get a firemans hat or meet a dalmatian on bark mode.

How do you unlock the Mario Kart in Nintendogs?

You don't you have to find them on walks there are 3 diffrent karts in the first 3 made lab and friends dauchsaund and friends and chauhaha and friends but i have found a bowser kart and a Mario kart in my dalmation and friends

How do you unlock bowser jr in Mario kart 7?

Bowser Jr is not in Mario Kart 7

How do you get Dry Bowser in Mario Kart 7?

You can't get dry bowser in Mario kart 7

Can you get golden bowser on Mario Kart wii?

you only get dry bowser. bowser jr and bowser/ /not golden bowser

How do you get dry bowser on Mario kart 7 3DS?

Dry Bowser isn't in Mario Kart 7.

Can you breed dogs on Nintendogs dalmatian and friends?

You Can't.

Is there a Luigi Kart in Nintendogs?


How do you get giga bowser in Mario Kart wii?

There is no giga bowser...

Can you get Mario Kart and Peach Kart in Nintendogs chihuahua?

Just the Mario Kart

How do you breed on Dalmatian and Friends Nintendogs?

you can't breed dogs. You have to buy them on nintendogs

In Nintendogs dalmatian and friends how do you get the RC helicopter?

it is found randomly

How do you get a Dalmatian in Nintendogs?

You get a dalmation by getting the fireman hat on a walk.

What are some button cheats for Nintendogs Dalmatian and friends?

there is none!

Am i missing anything from Nintendogs Dalmatian and friends?

it depends on what you got

Can you unlock bowser jr in mario kart ds with ar if you can what is the code?

You can't unlock Bowser Jr on Mario Kart DS.

How do you get dry bowser on Mario Kart wii?

Get funky kong to get bowser dry

Where do you get Nintendogs dalmatian and friends for the lowest price?

TARGET they cost $30

What other dogs come with Nintendogs Dalmatian and friends?

dont no or care

What items can you get on Nintendogs dalmatian?

You can get all items that you can get in the other nintendog games

Which game is better Mario kart or nintendogs plus cats?

Mario kart

Can you get a Mario Kart on Nintendogs?

Yes indeed you can

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