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Use lemon juice after you have shampooed and rinsed your hair. Also you can go to your local drug store and buy what they call "glazes" which will bring your hair back to the original color. Be sure and pick the one that is your shade of blonde. I know what you mean because I have dark brown hair with blonde streaks and I use the glaze. Works great! Try shimmer lights shampoo. It is purple, it's purpose is to take yellow out of hair. Or get highlights that are lighter to break that gold up, or if you want all over blonde, lighten it again, so that it comes up to blonde, You didn't get through all of the lightening stages, red, gold, and blonde. you stopped at gold. Instead of bleach, use a highlift color for less damage.

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Is there a shampoo that gets the orange out of your blonde hair?

Yes, a purple shampoo will neutralize brassiness in blonde hair.

You dyed your hair and it went orange how do you turn it blonde?

I dyed my hair from red to blonde, now it is orange, I bleached it, but nothing works, how do i get it to blonde??

How do you take brassiness out of blonde hair?

Go to the beauty supply store and get the purple shampoo.

Is Hilary Duffs hair blonde?

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What is a blonde with a brain?

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How do you change your hair color from dyed black to bleached blonde?

You have to bleach your hair, then dye it the blonde you want it.

If hair is naturally blonde and dyed black gradually if the hair then dyed to a slightly lighter than naturaly tone will the hair develop black or dark brown roots?

If your hair is naturally blonde, meaning the hair color you had before you ever dyed it, your roots will grow out that color.

Is Avril lavignes hair colour blonde or sheer?

Her hair is naturally Brunette and then she dyed it Blonde and now it has highlights.

What is a bottle blonde?

A bottle blonde is someone who dyed their hair blonde. (Someone That wasn't born blonde.)We call it, "Blonde out of a bottle!"

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blonde it's really brown but she dyed it blonde with pink hair extensions.

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What is leighton meester hair color?

naturally blonde i think Answer: Yea its naturally blonde but she dyed it brown for the role of Blair and she accidentally dyed it green in the process.

What are all the hair colors?

natural hair colors are: black, brown, dirty blonde, blonde, white-blonde, red, orange dyed hair colors: purple, blue, pink

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Why Shakira dyed her hair blonde I love her hairstyle but if she never told why the color changed from dark to blonde?

no shakira was never a blonde

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