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How do you get the console off and fix a CD changer where the magazine that holds the CDs is stuck on a 1998 Lincoln Continental?


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2011-09-13 03:52:23
2011-09-13 03:52:23

I answered my own question. I started unscrewing things to get the CD changer out of the console. Once it was free I took the outside case off of the CD changer so I could see the guts. I manually moved things around when I noticed there was a penny in the bottom of the changer. I removed the penny, pressed the re;ease button and the magazine popped up. Now, I could still hear my motor working but the CD's not being released. If you don't hear your motor in the CD changer running when you press the release button you may have a different problem. From what I understand, change getting caught in the CD changer is a very common problem. I needed a screwdriver shaped liked a star to remove a lot of the screws. Again it may be different on a Windstar. Good Luck. I hope this hepled.


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According to the 2002 Lincoln Continental Owner Guide : The 6 disc CD changer is either in the front passenger foot well , or in the center console

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According to the 2002 Lincoln Continental Owner Guide : The CD changer is either in the console or the front passenger footwell

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The 6 disk CD player was an option. Depending on what model you have on the 1995-97 Lincoln Continental, the changer is either in the arm rest area on the center console or behind the drink holder on the models with the column shifters.

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According to the 2001 Lincoln Continental Owner Guide if the vehicle is equipped with a CD changer it is either located in the front passenger footwell area or the center console

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