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How do you get the convertible top down in a 1995 Saab 900S?

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2007-08-31 23:44:31
2007-08-31 23:44:31

If you have followed the procedure in the manual and it will not respond be sure the emergency brake is pulled on because the older convertibles have an interlock switch tied into the emergency brake to stop people from trying to put the top up or down when moving.

This could be your problem.....or not ....the new cars have several sensors that all must work or no top operation and ti can get VERY expensive to keep them working. A friend spent $7K on top repairs over a three year period before he gave up and dumped his car.

I hope you have better results.

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The manual release for the convertible top of a '94-'98 Saab 900 is behind the back seat. It is accesible by folding down the back seat. After you fold down the seat the release is on the right side in the middle. Look for a slit in the fabric and you will see a lever. To release pull lever all the way down.

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Well if it is like the 1991 Saab convertible, the rag top will not function without the key on in the ignition, not to mention you first must release the latches in the front ; on either side. After that....i would not know...a Saab repair guy..would be your best bet.

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if you left the top down and it got wet then your radio is probably fried

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It should be with the Owners Manual paperwork. If not, contact a Saab dealership with the car's VIN. ... When I lost use of my 1995 Saab 900SE convertible radio's function, the VIN was not enough...the dealer also needed (or insisted on anyway) the radio's serial number. So I had to pull the radio to write down it's SN before they would look it up, and charged me $25 to do it. I'm not sorry THAT dealer (or at least that service advisor) went out of business.

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