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If you have followed the procedure in the manual and it will not respond be sure the emergency brake is pulled on because the older convertibles have an interlock switch tied into the emergency brake to stop people from trying to put the top up or down when moving.

This could be your problem.....or not ....the new cars have several sensors that all must work or no top operation and ti can get VERY expensive to keep them working. A friend spent $7K on top repairs over a three year period before he gave up and dumped his car.

I hope you have better results.

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Q: How do you get the convertible top down in a 1995 Saab 900S?
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How do you manually let down top on Saab 900 se convertible?

release on SAAB 900 S convertible

Where is the manual release for a convertible top on a Saab 900 convertible?

The manual release for the convertible top of a '94-'98 Saab 900 is behind the back seat. It is accesible by folding down the back seat. After you fold down the seat the release is on the right side in the middle. Look for a slit in the fabric and you will see a lever. To release pull lever all the way down.

Saab 93 1992 convertible top The hood works fine its the lid that lifts up and down at the back the soft top cover that does not go up and down properly Can anyone help please?

Well if it is like the 1991 Saab convertible, the rag top will not function without the key on in the ignition, not to mention you first must release the latches in the front ; on either side. After that....i would not know...a Saab repair guy..would be your best bet.

What could be wrong with my 1990 Saab convertible radio that was working great now all there is is static?

if you left the top down and it got wet then your radio is probably fried

How do you find the code for a Saab 900 radio?

It should be with the Owners Manual paperwork. If not, contact a Saab dealership with the car's VIN. ... When I lost use of my 1995 Saab 900SE convertible radio's function, the VIN was not enough...the dealer also needed (or insisted on anyway) the radio's serial number. So I had to pull the radio to write down it's SN before they would look it up, and charged me $25 to do it. I'm not sorry THAT dealer (or at least that service advisor) went out of business.

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How do you put the top down on1998 Chevrolet Convertible?

How do you put the top down on a 1998 Chevrolet Convertible

Why does convertible hood on Saab 900 se 1997 stick down?

This is a common concern. The tonneau motor assembly is not strong enough to prevent the convertible top from chattering and sticking after consistent use. Check latches when top begins to stick the Saabs information display screen gives notification as well.

Saab Convertible top stuck?

Procedures for manually operating the convertible top are in the Owners Manual. It is nearly impossible to properly answer this question because there is almost no information. What year? What model (classic 900? next generation 900? 9-3?)? The convertible tops have several different methods of operation, some hydraulic, some electric. Is the top up or down? On the 95 Saab 900 Turbo Soft Top, the manual release is located behind the passenger back seat. If you look on the left side, you will see a slit in the grey material. The lever is red. If you pull it down, it releases the motor that operates the top. However..... be sure you really want to do this. I was under the impression it would be simple to reconnect the motor. It's not. My soft top will manually go up and down now but I cannot get the top connected to the latches in the trunk. I need to go to a Saab mechanic and have the top recalibrated with a tech 2 tool. About $100

What is a convertible boot cover?

It's a cloth cover for the convertible top when it is stowed in the down position.

Where are the Saab dealerships located in Ocala florida?

Saab was shut down by General Motors and therefore, it no longer sells in the United States.

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Where is the convertible top button located?

1987-1995 Lebaron convertable top up/down switch is located on the console. On earlier models, It may be in the same location.

How do you put convertible top down on 450 sl?

put it down

How can i fix my Convertible top wont work on 325i 1994 no up or down?

how can i fix my convertible top motor? no up or down, 1999 BMW 323i

How do you replace a key battery on a 2003 Saab 93 convertible?

You hold down the Saab logo and pull the end of the key fob so the actual key comes out. Then inside there is a small rectangle, you use that key you just pulled out to use as a lever so the two pieces of the key come apart, it is a really easy task, you will see the battery and you will know exactly which kind of battery to buy.

What makes the Check Engine light come on in a 1996 Saab 900S?

Whether in a Saab or any car, the CHECK ENGINE light is an indication that something has gone out of spec. It is most often something in the emisisons system. A code is stored in the car's on-board computer and needs to be read with a diagnostic computer. Once the problem has been diagnosed, the technician can proceed with repair. Saab generally uses a proprietary computer system, so only Saab dealers have the proper diagnostic computer. Some independent Saab shops have purchased used computers from Saab dealers and may be able to help. == == the check engine light will come on as a function of mileage since the last time it was reset. I don't remember >exactly< how to reset it so it doesn't come on each time you start the engine, but I do remember it has to do with using the "clear" button on the SID. I think you hold the clear button down, and after 4 or 8 seconds it will change it's mode and display...but keep holding it down and a few seconds later it will actually clear and reset the 'check engine' light. Sorry I don't remember what mode the SID display should be in to start the clearing process. (I just bought a 1996 SAAB 900 convertible a few months ago...had the check engine light start coming on, did some web searches and came up with this solution...which I partially remember. :{)

How do you get the top down on a 1984 corvette convertible?

Didn't make a convertible in 1984. It has Targa roof panel that can be removed with a tool.

What does the picture of the convertible Car mean and why does it flash in my 2004 Volkswagen Beetle convertible?

Could it be that the top is not locked down securely.

Where can you find a pre owned Saab in Miami?

Check Saab dealers in the used sections. You should be able to find a good deal and a good Saab. Be prepared if anything on the car breaks down. They are expensive and it can run you a lot of money.

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How do you put the top down in a Mercedes slk 230 kompressor?

How do you put the top down on a Mercedes slk230? there should be a button on the middle console that operate the convertible, that's how i let my convertible down on my 1999 slk kompressor

How do you reset computer of 97 Saab 900?

Try holding down the clear button.

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