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How do you get the digital dash to work in a Toronado?


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2015-07-15 18:48:38
2015-07-15 18:48:38

What year to what year- either way, you would need the wiring harness that would come from a vehicle that was equipped with the digital gauges. Wiring could prove to be a nightmare. Better off going and buying a vehicle with what you wish for already there.

Check all the data lines, the test connection near the parking brake (it's a small plastic cover with a metal connector that continues the data circuit), the 7 volt power supply above the gas pedal is a possible culprit, the BCM (body control module) and any part in between that involves the data line with includes the climate control, chime control module etc. The data circuit is a redundant circuit and in general it has to be shorted to ground or both sides open for it to have that type of effect on the cluster. In most cases it's the cluster itself unfortunately. The way it was designed, the parts that are surface soldered just lift off and you have problems from vibration and weather changes that cause this.


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I had mine fixed by I had to remove it and send it in. cost was about 100 dollars in 2003 for 1991 trofeo dash cluster.

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Yes but you might have to get the bcm off the car you are taking the dash out of. I have a 91 Lebaron convertible that came from factory with the digital dash.

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Be sure the dash light dimmer switch is not turned off.

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The speakers in a 1985 Toronado are a pair of 4x6" in the dash up front, and a pair of 4x10" in the rear, under the package shelf (access through the trunk).

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Chevy Caprice had the digital dash installed from 1994 and up, but if you have an older model you can still get the digital dash.

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