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How do you get the drums to go over the rear brake shoes after you replace them?


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2015-07-15 20:46:06
2015-07-15 20:46:06

Ron, once you have the new brake shoes installed, you have to back off the star wheel adjuster, usually located at the bottom of the backing plate. Turn wheel either counter clockwise or clockwise, you will be able to see which direction brings the bottom of the shoe in or out. You want to back it off just enough so the brake drum slides on with a slight drag, when turning. Good luck.

U have 2 also make sure the EMERGENCY brake is OFF & the EMERGENCYbrake cable are free & not holding pressure on the shoesafter U back the Star adjuster all the way OFF.

Also remember to move the metal plate that is resting against the star wheel,with one hand pull the plate away and with the other hand move the wheel until the shoes are as close as u can get to move than try to put on the drums. ! TUMBLEWEED.


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That depends on the relative velocities of the objects involved.meteors and spacecraft entering earth's atmosphere friction heat to white incandescence at over 2000 kelvin.aircraft brake rotors and shoes friction heat to over 1500 kelvin in some cases.semi truck brake drums and shoes friction heat to over 600 kelvin in some cases.etc.

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There is not a simple way to explain it but in short here is some info.Your parking brake should click 7-12 for 87 models and if it does not u can adjust it where the cable ties the left and right cable underneath the truck near the transmission on the driver side.It has a Y type assembly and make sure the parking brake is off and it has a adjusting jam nut.U simply loosen the nut b4 the assembly and move the nut on the inside of the assembly in or out to tighten/loosen it.I would highly recommend buying a haynes or chiltons manual that has pics to show this and if ur rear brakes are old I would also pull the drums off to see that ur shoes are not worn out/and drums are not scared with scratches or grooves into the metal.If ur brake shoes are low on meaning less surface I would recommend to replace them and get ur drums machined at a machine shop or replace them if they show alot of wear.Worn shoes affects the parking brake because the over time it will create slack in the cables bc with less brake shoe suface the cable stretches farther and make it seem weak or u pull it further to set the brake.Check ur rear brake shoes/drums first if you have alot of miles on them,bc if they do adjusting the cables may just be a waste of time as a result.I just in nov 08 replaced my rear drums and shoes and believe me it makes all the difference.The drums were the originals and I have had the trk since new in march of 87.Hope this book gives you some insight.

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yo have to grease your 6 high spots on the edge of the backing plate, and then you need to bring your shoes in so you can clear the drum over them, to re adjust your shoes there is a star adjuster at the bottm of both shoes, make sure that you have your shoes just barely drag the drum because if you have to much clearence you will have a soft brake pedal

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If the rotors have over heated you will get brake chatter. The pedal will shake when you apply the brakes. Usually the drums are a little tougher. The new rotors are very thin.

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