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only through action replay or game shark

or use the eReader card in R/S/E/FR/LG and trade it over through PalPark.

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What is the rarest berry in emerald?

enigma berry

How do you get the lansat berry starf berry enigma berry and leichi berry in Pokemon sapphire or ruby?

the enigma berry is impossible, the leichi berry can be obtained at mirage island or from Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness, the other berries may be able to be obtained from emerald.

Where do you get the enigma berry in Pokemon platinum?


What happens when you plant the Enigma Berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Plant it to create more of them. Then use them to make PokeBlocks.-you can do that or learn the copy Pokemon and item glitch and clone the berry instead of waiting. if you don't know the glitch, then email me at ctran13@yahoo.comIf you plant the berry it can grow any random berry except for anouther enigma berry. The first thing posted is wrong

What does an egnima stone evolve?

No Pokemon evolves by using the enigma stone or enigma berry.

How do you get the enigma berry in Pokemon sapphire?

You get it from the E Reader.

How do you get ganlon berry in emerald?

You can't get it on Pokemon emerald

What is a starf berry in Pokemon sapphire?

Its a berry given by Scott in Pokemon emerald.

What is the most rare berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Starf berry is the most rarest berry,

Where do you get the berry blender in Pokemon Emerald?

the Pokemon contest arena

How do you find ganlon berry on Pokemon Emerald?

In order to get the Ganlon Berry in Pokemon Emerald you must either have gotten a Jirachi (Through Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk) with the Ganlon Berry, or use a cheat device.

How come you cannot trade an Enigma Berry from Pokemon Emerald or Ruby to Pokemon Sapphire?

Because Enigma Berries are like a Willy Wonka Gold Ticket. Once you get it you really don't want to give it away. you sapphire game need an BERRY UPGRADE then you can trade it - when you get ur emerlad and sapphire link up, turn ur emerald on and wait until the screen with the press start appear on it the press b, down, and select and follow the instructions

Where do you find pataya berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Pataya berries must be obtained from either Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness trade a Pokemon holding the berry to emerald then plant it to get more.

Can you get salac berry from pick up in Pokemon emerald?


Where to get a leichi berry in Pokemon emerald?

They are on Mirage Island.

How do you get to the master berry wife in emerald Pokemon?

no boi no

Where is the berry jar in Pokemon emerald?

There is no such thing as a berry jar, well, not that I know of anyway.

Where to get lum berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Lum berries are randomly given out by the berry masters wife.

Where is the berry blender in Pokemon emerald?

Contest Hall in Lilycove.

Where is the berry master's house in Pokemon emerald?

its on route 123

How do you get a blue pokeblock on Pokemon emerald?

You need a dry berry.

How do you get a custap berry in Pokemon pearl?

It is possible to obtain a Custap berry in Pokemon Pearl. To get it you have to trade from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald version.

How many tomato berry will grow in Pokemon emerald if you plant one tomato berry?

about 3-4

How do you get the berry blender in Pokemon emerald?

For the berry blender go to lilycove and enter the Pokemon contest building there should be other people to blend with.

How do you get a Landsat berry on Pokemon Diamond?

Migrate a Pokemon holding it on Pokemon emerald. If you don't know how to get it on emerald you need to get every battle frontier symbol in silver.

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