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If the fan hasn't been changed, and is the correct one, it should not be hitting unless the bearing is worn in the waterpump, or the fan clutch is defective.

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What is a double pulley system?

A double pulley system is simple. Instead of one wheel like the single pulley system has, the double pulley system has two wheels and carries more heavier loads than the single pulley system can hold.

How is a flagpole a pulley system?

When you pull up the flag you pull it up by the rope. The rope has a pulley on it. So the actual poll is not a pulley but it has a pulley system on it

How would you describe a single pulley system?

describe a single pulley system

How are the double pulley systems different?

Double pulley systems are different from the one pulley system because the weight is now attacked to a pulley instead of an anchor. Another pulley is used to take some of the weight. A two pulley system only requires half the effort as a single pulley system.

What are some good questions about a pulley?

If someone needs to use a pulley system to move or pull an object, there are a few important questions to ask about the pulley system. It is important to know, how much force the pulley system can withstand, and if the straps on the pulley system can secure the object you are moving.

What is the mechanical advantage of the pulley system?

The mechanical advantage of the pulley system is the inertia and friction of the unbalanced and balanced forces acting on the mechanical advantage which is part of the pulley system....

What is a single pulley system?

A single pulley system is simple. It's just when a pulley has just one wheel and carries less of a load.

What is the efficiency of the pulley system in percent?

The efficiency of a pulley system depends on how it is set up. Be specific.

How do you describe a pulley system?

A Pulley is basically a kind of lever that can be used to change the direction of a force. Properly used, a pulley or system of pulleys can multiply forces

What is an example of a pulley system?

An example of a pulley sytem is a flag pole.

Examples of a pulley system?

There are many examples of a pulley system such as a drawbridge in a castle or a set of rock climbing gear

What are the different features of a single fixed pulley a single movable pulley and a multiple pulley system?

The tension of a rope in a single fixed pulley = WThe tension of a rope in a single movable pulley = W/2The tension of a rope in a multiple pulley system = W/ number of pulleys if they are in series.

In a movable pulley system where does the other effort come from?

In a movable pulley system, the effort comes from the person or machine pulling the rope.

What is the 2 kind of pulley?

well i know 3, fixed pulley, movable pulley and a pulley system (double pulley with fixed and movable pulleys). i guess its basically just the first 2.

What is the Role of Conveyor Drum Pulley?

Conveyor pulley manufacturers company use conveyor drum pulley with conveyor system to drive conveyor belt. Tension and friction between pulley and belt decide the quality of conveyor belting system.

The ideal mechanical advantage of a pulley system is equal to what?

The ideal mechanical advantage of a pulley system is two times the number of pulleys in the system. This is the amount of force required to get the system moving.

How do you stop the pipes of your one-pipe steam boiler from banging?

Bleed the accumulated air out of the system. I did it twice a year, to improve heating efficiency, and eliminate banging noises.

Difference between single movable pulley single movable pulley system?


1 pulley system more efficient then a 2 pulley system?

Efficiency is the proportion of energy usefully used. Using a pulley system does not use less energy it just changes the ammount of force. Pulleys do have a small ammount of friction so having just one pulley would be more efficient. (but not much more)

How do you bypass anti-theft system on a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT?

where is the wire for theft system 2000 ford ranger to bypass

What is one advantage of using a pulley system?

By using a pulley one can easily do things with less effort

What pulley has a greater mechanical advantage?

a multiple pulley system. the more pulleys you have the easier it is to lift things

What is the job of the single pulley?

A single pulley system is used to change direction of the pulling force line.

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