How do you get the flower out of the well on super monkey ball adventure?

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you have to suck a hobo
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Where to find scarlaball in super monkey ball adventure?

Its in moonhaven in the first area there will b challenge platforms complete a certain amount and part of that area will open go in and talk to the monkey. after hes finished go outside and future AiAi will b there talk to him to learn scarlaball.:-) hope this helped btw i found doing the chalenges ( Full Answer )

Super monkey ball source?

I do not know if you are asking where they sell at, but you could find lots of copies on "" or "", one or the other is cheapest. There's different console options; Ipod touch (only on iTunes, does not play on the computer...) Gamecube Wii Nintendo Ds Game boy Advance/S ( Full Answer )

How many super monkey ball games are there?

There's 9 so far. -Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 for the GameCube -Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for the PlayStation/Xbox -Super Monkey Ball Jr. for Gameboy -Super Monkey Ball Adventure -Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll for the DS -Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz for Wii -Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll for ( Full Answer )

How do you pass World 6 - 6 in Super Monkey ball 2?

You jump then stop. Then Jump and stop. You will eventually get to the end... AND DONT FORGET!!! When and if you pass all of the mushrooms, there are holes in the bridge so be ready..

How do you defeat the octopus in super monkey ball banana blitz?

You have to run into the back of its head to inflict damage. However, you may accidentally fall into the water if you're not careful. The octopus will also try and slap you with its tentacles or spray ink. It may also try to pull you underwater with it. Keep trying, and eventually, you will unlock w ( Full Answer )

How do you beat the level 8 bracelets in super monkey ball 2?

it's kinda hard to explain... you have to build momentum. roll onto the inside of the first ring. Then roll back and forth on the ring until you have enough momentum to swing onto the next one. continue until you reach the goals. I know it's hard to understand because it's hard to explain. sorry.

Super Monkey Ball 2 how to skip a level?

there are only certain levels you can do it in and you can only do it in Challenge mode. sometimes there will be more than one goal in the level but these will be harder to get to. look for green or red goals instead of the regular blue ones.

What are the chants in Super Monkey Ball Adventure?

The Boxing Glove is "yay ei ei." Warping to Zootopia is "woo woo woo." Warping to Moonhaven is "ei woo woo." Warping to Jungle Island is "yay woo woo." The Sticky Ball is "yay poo poo." Invisibility is "woo woo poo." Growing is "poo poo ei."

How do you get past the stage invisible in super monkey ball 2?

"Invisible" Haves YOU 1 Minute to cross a Word," Invisible " It's Recommended that you play it afew number of times watching the word, Then rotate it 90 DegressCounter-Clockwise, Watch where titles dissapear and use the memoryto get trough, Keep in mind that you are timed too, So donot take a lot o ( Full Answer )

In super monkey ball 2 how do you beat combination in boiling pot?

Well.... it's like a mystery, first enter the blue door, then go behind it (when you enter it,) you will see a play botton press it, go in the blue door again, then when you go up two blocks, then wait for all the blocks to spin once; then the goal will be right behing you, so be carful to stay on t ( Full Answer )

Super Monkey Ball Adventure Cheats for PSP?

There is only one cheat. All Cards At The Mode Select, Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.

How do you get a fast start on super monkey ball racing?

Monkey Race 2: Quick start: At the starting countdown for the race, press Analog-stick Down . As soon as it says "GO!", press Analog-stick Up + A . If done correctly, you will launch forward just like the CPU racers. Note: This trick requires practice.

What are the cheat codes to super monkey ball banana blitz?

i dont know the cheat codes but you can go to youtube and write super monkey ball banana blitz and what ever you want to find out how to beat you write it and all different icons come out btw i have the game its kinda hard but fun i have a wii hope this helped

Is Super Monkey Ball 3 GameCube in Japan?

No, Super Monkey Ball 3 was never released an any part of the world. It could be that Sega needed more money to make another Sonic game. It's rumored that some stages and ideas from Super Monkey Ball 3 were put in to Super Monkey Ball Deluxe(which I have and play) and I think might be right. Supe ( Full Answer )

Where is the first space monkey in super monkey ball adventure?

Go to the tree palace and go to the big 'un (the big one!) monkey guard continue on the path to the top of the tree. Bounce on the flowers and stuff. Go and beat the naysayer and finish the puzzles. When you go out the door he should be right there. :-)

Super Monkey Ball Adventure noise factory guide?

There is not a "guide" to it. I have just done it. You just have to turn EVERY pipe on your way. It doesn't mind If the pipe is not conected with the tubes on the both sides of it. So, just keep going, and when you reach the last pipe, turn it, and wait a while. Try to move around, go a little bit b ( Full Answer )

Where is the computer head guy that gives you the woodball chant in super monkey ball adventure.?

First you must go to Moonhaven, and learn the Scalarball chant. Then you go past the guy who asks you to pick up the banana peels. You'll see a Naysayer, with a mouth on it's stomach. use the Scalarball chant. He will swallow you if you get close, so go very close to him. When you are inside his bod ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Super Monkey Ball on Poptropica?

The ad-game is for the Wii game "Super Monkey Ball" (Step and Roll) and appeared on February 5, 2010. The object of the game is to collect 55 bunches of bananas in 60 seconds. This is easily accomplished by remaining near the bottom, and occasionally jumping up to the ramps or belts at either side o ( Full Answer )

Super Monkey Ball who is jam?

Jam is a character from Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll and he the trainer but is not playable.

How do you find the prince and princess in Super Monkey Ball Adventure?

You're supposed to go around and help others after you speak to the King in the beginning of the game. The hints I found are on Distant Island. One hint for the princess is: left one gold earing in it's place... The other is: a belt, i accidently skipped it so i didn't really get a good look at it. ( Full Answer )

How do you beat level 4 mad shuffle in super monkey ball 2?

Go forward, to the blue thing and go around and hit the play button to slow the shuffle down. Then go in the blue thing; wait in front of the shuffle until after the shuffle trickes you. Then go on the left stick, then turn to the right stick, then it trickes you; so stay on the right stick until it ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock more monkeys in super monkey ball deluxe?

You have to complete hidden objectives like getting 999 bananas in Story Mode. Or survive the 1st 10 stages of Ultimate Mode with no monkeys. Keep playing the game and you will get more monkeys as you get more points, I think. Also get far on hard difficulties (like Expert or Master). Basically, pr ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock extra levels in super monkey ball?

To unlock Beginner Extras, you need to complete all of Beginner without losing a life. To unlock Advanced Extras, you also need to complete all of Advanced without losing a life (it's pretty hard). However, to unlock Expert Extras, you need to do all of Expert without losing a CONTINUE. And to unloc ( Full Answer )

How do you the chant to go to kongrila on super monkey ball adventure?

There is no chant for Kongri-la, since it is located withinmonkitropolis, there is a chant for monkitropolis though, (of whichcontains kongri-la) to get this chant, you must complete jungleisland, moonhaven and zootopia, the red chant teaching monkeyshould appear in the main area of the last world y ( Full Answer )

How do you kill the fire guy in super monkey ball adventure?

Duh! Throw super monkey water balls at the guy then get Chuck Norris for back up. Then after you do that Mr. Rogers will ask you if you lost your kitty, say yes then he willl say well i have it. He might give you your kitty back depending on if he wants to eat your soul. If wants to eat it then you ( Full Answer )

Who do you use in Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz world 8?

I recommend using AIAI, YANYAN, and BABY for these stages. There are small places in world 8 so it would be easier to use BABY. YANYAN is, in my opinion, the second best choice. I used them to beat world 8 without using a continue. For future proposes...: Ok so In world 9, y ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock master in super monkey ball jr?

You have to get a winning streak points. The winning streak points is 2500. It's pretty hard but try your best! If it said something about a prize after the game over sign, it will have things that are unlockable. There are 5 levels in Master Mode. Good Luck!

How do you beat boss 3 in super monkey ball?

Sorry my pal , but there is no way you can play a game called super monkey ball Its fake , its not real life , sorry to break the news to you. Love your secret pal.

Where can one search for good Super Monkey Balls recipes?

Upon extensive research there have not been any results for a Super Monkey Balls recipe. It appears that Super Monkey Balls refers to a game that is available on a number of game sites as well as for Nintendo DS.

What company developed the game Super Monkey Ball?

Debuting in Japan in 2001, the game Super Monkey Ball is developed by Amusement Vision and published by Sega. It was originally debuted in the upright arcade style under the name Monkey Ball and featured a banana shaped joystick.

What kind of game is Super Monkey Ball?

Super Monkey Ball is an arcade platform type game which was published by Sega. It first became available in Japan in 2001. The object of the game is to guide four monkeys through various obstacles.