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hello i have a 1996. and you hold your garage door remote opener up to the buttons in the car, some how it reads the signal and remembers it.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-09 23:50:59
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Q: How do you get the garage door remote compartment open on a 1995 Riviera?
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Where is the ECM on 1995 Buick riviera?

Behind the glove compartment

How do I change the battery on a 1995 Buick Riviera supercharged?

The battery is located under the rear seat in the passenger compartment.

How do you program the garage door remote in a 1995 Buick Riviera?

The procedure for doing this varies from manufacture to manfacture. If your owners manual does not provide the required instructions, I suggest you call GM, Buick division for help. The number is listed in your owners manual or you can find it at

How do you install the tag on 1995 Buick Riviera?

open the trunk. against the very back piece of the truck compartment is a small gap. it slides into it from inside.

How do you program a remote key fob for a 1995 riviera?

take it to your local buick dealership and they hook up a computer to it on the drivers side underneath the steering wheel

Where is the Remote Anti theft Personality module located in 1998 Ford?

If it's the same as my 1995 Ford Explorer , its in the jack storage compartment , in the cargo area , on the drivers side , at the front of the compartment

How do you remove front light lenses on 1995 Buick Riviera?

what u could do is take then to a garage so u cold get them changed or smash em that's wat i would do=)

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How much is a 1995 riviera?

Depends on condition and miles on the vehicle.

Where is the horn fuse in a 1995 Buick Riviera?

Both the 20 amp fuse and the horn relay on 95 Buick Riviera are located in the under hood fuse box in the engine compartment just behind the passenger side headlamp.A detail of the fuses in this fuse box can be found on the inside cover of the box.

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