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You have to get the metal out of your pool.

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Water is clear but when there's a lot of water gathered together it looks liked it is blue, but it's not. That's why when you have a water bottle, its clear not blue

Chlorine is a poison which in moderated doses is used to treat water for swimming and drinking. It kills many germs which might otherwise make people sick. It also gives the water a blue tint, which is why the water in swimming pools appears to be blue. A glass of chlorinated water held against the light will be blue, while water untreated with chlorine is clear.

Water may look blue due to the reflection of the sky but it is clear. Water is a clear odourless liquid at room temperature.

It depends on the type, you can get blue, red, green, purple, all sorts of colours but i think the clear ones and a green blue clear colour (if it is possible)

It depends on the on the layout of the water if its dirty it is black if it has sand Its clear and if it has seaweeds its Blue.

because blue is for the water and green for land

The water actually is blue but it looks like it is clear

You need to add chlorine. I doubt in the above answer that chlorine will clear up a "blue water" situation. BTW, is the water or the pool surface - floor, walls etc - blue - there is a huge difference. The blue affect on the plaster could mean a greatly out of balance chemistry - pH and Total Akalinity. Never heard of the water turning blue unless there was an additive put into the pool that would purposely turn the water blue. If you're asking about the pale blue colour of swimming pool water, it's because water absorbs light. Light that is visible to humans comprises the seven colours of the spectrum. The light at the red end of the spectrum gets absorbed, but the blue does not, hence you can see it in water of sufficient volume.

it isn't. water is clear.

Dogs will drink colored water. I tried out an experiment on my Pit Bull Terrior. She drank red, green, purple and blue water.

Green is grass, blue is water..

the landscape in Honduras is green and hot in the summer time the water is clear blue you can almost see to the bottom

A clear blue lake is often appealing to humans; it seems like a good place for a swim, like a swimming pool. Biologically, however, there is probably nothing living in it. When plants are living in the water, it usually gains a greenish tinge. The presence of plants and animals tends to cloud the water due to their activities and body processes. So, no organics, nothing to "cover up" the clear blue. Most acidic bodies of water do not look polluted. As decaying organic matter settles, acidified water can appear clear and blue.

The water in quarries are blue because of the surrounding limestone leeching into the water. These Blue hole as they are sometimes called are deadly and not for recreational swimming.

You have to treat pool water with pool chemicals and use a pool filter to get and keep the water clear.

The bromthymol blue solution is yellow in acidic waters and blue in basic waters; in a neutral water is practically colorless or pale blue-green. See the link below for the preparation of the indicator solution.

-Flower Garden -Design/draw your own clothes!you can draw colorful fishes swimming in blue/green water! =)

Are they? I find more clear or green.

Its not stagnant. Whether its from rain or underground rivers the water must be clear/clean. Dirty water is not clear, obviously.

Most water is not clear. How far can you see in your local swimming pool? Some lakes in New Zealand appear quite blue or green because of tiny suspended particles of rock flour derived from the glaciers. The clearest water recorded is at Waikoropupu Springs in the South Island of New Zealand. This has been measured at standard conditions at 63 m. Lake George in Minnesota is reported as a very clear water, and its figure is a little over 4m. There is in Wikipedia a List of Lakes in Minnesota which gives clarity figures. Worth a look.

Green water has more oxygen, than blue water. In the early years of our planet's history, our water was green, because the earth had a higher oxygen content.

Its blue because it reflects the sky, and when its green its because of whats in the water

Mostly clear.If you hold up a glass of sea water, it's usually clear, just like tap water. The sea looks blue under a blue sky, grey under a grey sky etc because it is reflecting that colour. If you look through a long distance of sea water it often has a green tinge.

no its just a reflection of the sky. water is clear. no its just a reflection of the sky. water is clear.