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How do you get the handcannon in Resident Evil 4?


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November 25, 2009 4:38PM

In order to get the handcannon in Resident Evil 4, you must get a 5 star ranking in the Mercenaries with all 5 people. My advice to you is do Leon or HUNK first. They are the harder ones. Get a score of at least 60,000. Next, do Ada. She's okay but her lack of health can get annoying. Krauser and Wesker are the easier ones. With Krauser, you get to use his arm. When you pick him, depending on the version of the game that you have, it will tell you what button to press to get it out. Use it on the harder things like the chainsaw ladies in the village, the claw-guys in the castle, JJ (the guy with the big gun) in the island (the one that is set during the sunset) and the chainsaw guy in the island (the one set in the morning). With Wesker, although he has no ammo for any of his guns, he makes up for it with his powers. All in all, have fun and do your best. When you get the Handcannon, you get to get it for free. However, the only problem is that you have to tune it up until it gets to infinite status. That will take some time because the tuning is pretty expensive so definitely save up.