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On the inside under the steering wheel there is a latch, then when it is poped up, to open it completely look under the hood and there is a lever just left of the center of the hood.

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Q: How do you get the hood opened on a 1998 ford explorer xlt?
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The hood won't open on my 1998 Ford Expedition because the battery is dead How can the hood be opened?

The hood is in no way controlled or opened by the battery. A hood does not have an electric release. It's a cable operated system.

How do you open the hood of a 1998 ford explorer if the latch inside the vehicle is released but the hood latch won't release?

crowbar dude...

How to Open hood with a broken cable on 1994 Ford Explorer?

how to open hood with a broken cable on a 1994 ford explorer

Where Is The fuse for the blower motor located on a 1998 ford explorer truck?

should be on the blower itself if not there under the hood

Is a ford ranger hood interchangeable with a explorer?


How do you close the hood of your 2006 Ford Explorer?


How do you find location of computer on 2004 Ford Explorer?

Ford Explorer 1991-2001 Under hood, drivers side in firewall

Where is the fuel relay on a 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

Fuse box under the hood.Owners manual shows layout.

How do you open hood on Mercedes Benz 1998 c280?

A person can open the hood on a Mercedes Benz 1998 c280 by pulling the red lever marked hood on the driver's side. The hood can then unlatched and fully opened.

Where is the bonnet on a 98 Ford Explorer sport?

That's the HOOD on your engine compartment

Why doesn't fan work on 1998 Ford Explorer?

check the second ( top right one) relay in power/fuses box located under hood passenger side

What is the location number of the main light relay in the power distribution box under the hood of a 98 Ford Explorer?

mini fuse # 12 - 30 amp - is listed for mainlight switch and multifunction switch on a 1998 Ford Explorer in the power distribution box , none of the relays listed are for the headlights

Ford explorer fuse for side mirrors?

The fuse for the side mirrors on a Ford Explorer are located in the main fuse panel. It can be found under the dash, near the hood release.

Where is the cabin air filter location on 2000 Ford Explorer?

You can find the cabin filter on your 2000 Ford Explorer under the hood, below the grille where the windshield wipers are found.

What is the black under the hood switch is for on a 1997 Ford Explorer for?

Type your answer here... Yes, it's for the alarm if the hood is jacked open.

Will a universal hood release cable work on my ford explorer?

A universal hood release cable will work on the Ford Explorer if one is purchased that says it can be used on full size pickups and SUVs. The cable can be adjusted for length if that is necessary for the cable to fit properly.

Ohow do I open ford explorer hood with dead battery?

Pull the inside hood release and then go to the front of the Explorer and press down on the hood slightly while operating the auxillary hood release located just under the front edge of the hood at the center

How do you go about opening the hood of a 94 Ford Explorer if the latch does not release it?

try having someone bump the hood while you pull the latch

How do you open the hood on your 1998 Ford Contour if the latch is broken?

use a pry bar and replace hood after you break it

Where is the abs fuse in a 1999 ford explorer?

the abs fuse is under the hood on driver side

Where do you replace the hazard light fuse in a ford explorer?

You replace the hazard light fuse in a Ford Explorer in the fuse panel box. The fuse panel box is located under the vehicle's hood.

How do you open hood stuck Ford Escort?

The hood on my girlfriend's Escort has issues with the hood release. I have always just stuck something in the hood release under the dash while I opened it via the lever under the hood.

Where can you find a vacuum hose diagram for a 1994 Ford Explorer?

under the hood or inside the door jam

Where is the Engine block 1999 ford explorer?

Under the hood. I suggest you research how an engine is made and what the parts are.

Where is the power seat fuse 2002 ford explorer?

check under the hood. 30 amp fuse.