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IF the Cable is broken on the hood latch, I used a long, flat head screwdriver. Locate the eyelet under the hood, and push it with the screwdriver. It's difficult, but it works. Replace the hood latch before you close the hood. Good zluck.

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Q: How do you get the hood up if the hood release cable is broken?
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How do you get the hood up on a Buick LeSabre when it will not release to the safety catch?

That depends on a few things. If the cable has broken at the release handle, you can use Vice Grips or pliers to grab the end of the cable and pull. If the hood is stuck down you can have a helper pull up on the hood while you work the release in the car. If the cable has broken at the latch consult a pro for help. If you get a helper to hold the the hood release open on the inside and tap lightly, with the side of your fist, on the front of your hood just above the grill. This will usually work if the cable is not broken.

1992 Oldsmobile Achieva how do you hood if release cable is broken?

Go underneath the front of car by the grill.Look up towards the hood latch.In the middle is a switch.Push it to the left and the hood should release.

How do you open the hood on a 1999 VW Jetta with broken hood release?

If the hood release on a VW Jetta is broken, whether its the cable or the plastic piece, you will need to remove the center shield under the vehicle. It is connected by four screws. Reach up under the vehicle and manually push the hood cable down with your hands to pop it open.

How do you open your hood when your cable is broken on your 1991 S10 pickup truck?

If you can find the cable under the hood, or if you can get to the cable where it's broken, a pair of vise-grips and a healthy pull should open it up.

How to manually release hood on buick regal that the interior switch has been broken?

it is next to drivers side on floor in front, take pliers and pull up on cable, this will release hood latch

How do you open the hood if the cable is broken on a GEO prizm?

If the hood cable is broken on a Geo Prizm, the only option is to open the hood from underneath the vehicle. It is best to put the car up on a hoist and use a pole to trip the hood latch.

How do you open a jammed hood on a 1998 Ford Windstar Wagon?

Push down on the hood at the latch while a helper pulls the release. Then try to lift the hood. If the hood cable is broken or maladjusted, then it might be necessary to reach up from under the vehicle and try to release the hood.

1997 Grand Jeep Cherokee How do you repair the hood release and cable It will not hold the hood down all the way. The secondary release or whatever it is called still works but hood is still ajar?

If your hood release cable is still good then most likey cause is a sticky or rusty release mechanizim under the hood where the cable ends. (Open the hood by moving the secondary latch). Loosen it up by spraying it with WD 40 or something similar. Work it back and forth to free it up. I recently bought an old Jeep that had a broken release cable due to the release mechanizim being rusty. I replaced the cable and lubed everything making it work like new.

How do you open the hood when the inside hood release is broken on a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

On my 1988 Cutlass Supreme the cable broke at the release point in the car. I was unable to see anything from the outside so in the passenger compartment I took the release handle apart and used a set up pliers to pull the cable and release the hood. There should be just on bolt holding the release in place, it may be covered by the carpet. If it can't be done from the inside you can also reach up from under the front bumper and find the cable where it attaches to the latch. Just pull the cable and the hood should release.

What can you do it the hood on your 1990 Geo Prism will not open when you pull the release?

If it feels like the cable isn't broken, pry up on the hood while someone is pulling on the release. If it doesn't work, take it to the body shop.

How do you open Isuzu Rodeo hood when hood release is broken?

Get someone to hold the hood release lever while you pull up on the hood.

Hood latch cable is broken how do you get hood open on 97 ford ranger?

You will need to go up between the radiator and the grill and locate the cable. Sometimes you can pull it to release with your hands but its usually easier to use needle nose plyers.

How do you open your hood on a 90 cadillac deville if it has a broken wire cable?

Depends where the cable is broken. At very worst you must get under the front of the car behind the bumper reaching up to the hood latch and releasing it.

How do you open a 1990 Chevy hood if the hood release cable is broken?

Climb under the front of the engine compartment with a coat hanger and a flashlight, reach up and grab the latch and pull it down.

How can you open the hood of a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird if the cable is broken?

if you look up under the hood in front there a little slider that the cable runs to you can slide it and it should pop

You own a 91 Chevy beretta the hood release cable is broken how can you open the hood?

Look up from behind the front bumper, in front of the radiator. You should see the end of the cable going the hood latch. Grab a section of it with a pair of locking pliers and PULL. The hood should open. Replace the cable so you won't need to do this again.

How do I open the hood on a 1993 Bravada when the hood latch cable is broken?

my 2001 does the same thing. its the spring in the latch release. I have to have my wife sit in the car and keep popping the hood release while i push in and up and down on the hood right where the latch release is over and over and eventually it gives. Once you get the hang of it you can do it by yourself.

How do you open the hood of a Jeep Cherokee if the hood release cable is broken?

lay on your back look up under the grill area of the truck, there is a mechanisim with a claw on it grab ahold of the cable going into the mech. once its open i suggest buying a new 1 or tie rope to a shorter piece of cable

How do you open the hood of a 95 corvette with a broken release cable?

There are hood tools. But if it is stuck, you might have to jack her up, remove the wheel, and back fender skirt. Then the fun begins. If it is broken at the hood connection, you will have to bend a metal rod to reach, and pull.

How do you open the hood on 1996 Pontiac Bonneville when the release cable is broken?

Are you Positive the release Cable is broken, I'm currently having the same problem with my girlfriends car but the cable is still attached but the latch is sticking, My best advice is first try pulling on the cable from the interior of your car with pliers. if the cable comes free and the hood doesn't pop Yeah, it's broken, and you'll have to manually pop the hood from underneat MUCH easier said than done. if the cable holds then you're in luck, get a friend to hold the hood release open while you hold the latch on the front of the car and try to lift jiggling up and down also works sometimes and if I'm not mistaken then either one of the springs on your latch is broken or it is just too gummed up with dirty grease, I haven't yet diagnosed my Girlfriends entirely. I'll post my findings as soon as I can. You can also try pulling on the remaining part of the cable with a pair of Vise-Grips or similar, then bang on the hood with your fist a few times. The hood should then pop up enough to enable you to release the safety latch. I've found this works on most cars when you're stuck and there's no one around to help you...

How do you open the hood latch of an 88 Corsica when the cable is completely broken off?

Is the cable broken or just the handle that you pull? If just the handle, you should be able to pull the cable with a pair of pliers. Have someone push down on the hood just a little bit while you pull. May also need to pry the hood up also. If and when you get it up, lubricate the latch with anything, oil, WD40, something. If it is broken where you cannot get to, you may be able to get the grill out, or possible get the cable to come thru the grill and pulling on it there.

How do you manually open the hood latch on your 99 Isuzu Rodeo The hood release is not working?

Go under the dash board on the drivers side of the vehicle, behind it you will see the cable which is connected to the hood release handle. Grab a set of pliers, and grip the cable, (by the exposed part of the cable if possible) then pull it towards you, or put tension on the cable until the hood latch releases. The hood should open right up.

What is the procedure for replacing a broken hood latch cable on a 91' mercury sable?

first you need to open up the hood, take it into a body shop. they encounter this problem frequently in accidents and such. and then just replace the cable

How do you open the hood on a 94 geo with a broken hood latch cable?

If it is just the inside handle broken off you can pull the cable with a pair of pliers. If it is in the middle, you should be able to reach up from underneath and cut the cable and then pull the inside cable. If the latch end has pulled off, you may be able to trip the latch from underneath, or take the grill out and unbolt the latch.

How do you open the hood on a 95 dodge grand caravan with a broken cable?

reach up between the grill and the radiator/ac cooler and pull on what's left of the cable.