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you can turn off the notifications by going on 'settings'


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You can only get a new text message ringtone if you jailbreak your iPhone.

To draft a text message on iPhone, just start writing the message and exit to save the message as draft.

To check for new messages on an iPhone5, one needs to unlock their phone, and click on Messages. Each time a new message shows, an alert will show on the Messages screen

You can do it. It says Text Message, instead of the message preview. Go to: Settings>Messages> Slide show preview to OFF at the top of the screen.

Go into "Settings". Under the "Sounds" tab there's an option called "New Text Message". Just change the sound there.

you cant sorry. it will just show up as a new message. hope this helped?:)

Wen you click the new message button , top right I think , just enter the emails/ phone numbers consequtively then send a message

One can get the first look at the new iPhone by signing up for the Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers conference) event where they show case their new releases.

If you configured gmail to show a pop up message on screen, it will do so when a new message arrives and is available.

One needs an application for Iphone 4 to create message templates. To do so, one can download a relevant application such as "Message Templates" by Square Bracket Software on iTunes.

it is like a chatroom message

Yes, you can message people and with an ipod you can

Touch the message tab, touch the new message button in the top right hand corner, input the receving number, then touch the clear space above the keyboard, type your message then press send.

I wish there was a way. Apple designed it to show timestamps on 15 minute intervals.

You can direct message him on Twitter.

The app called "Messages"

Sorry you can't this feature is only available for email on the iPhone

Try inserting a different memory card (that you know is working. If you still get the same message - the Iphone is faulty. If, however the new card works, then the original card is faulty.

as long as your new iphone isn't the iphone 4,then yes.. you can use the sim card with other iphone

For a call, only if you answer the phone. They do charge you per each text message though.

It is scientifically proven that more boys have an iphone than girls. 46% of girls have an iPhone 54% of boys have an iPhone MESSAGE PUBLISHED: 13 JANUARY 2012

The duration of Get the Message - game show - is 1800.0 seconds.

The old iphone or the new one? The old iphone or the new one?

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