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How do you get the interior lights to come on once the door has been opened or unlocked in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am?

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1999 - 2005 Models:

Set dome light position to "Auto". It's that simple.

2008-06-20 00:35:39
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Q: How do you get the interior lights to come on once the door has been opened or unlocked in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am?
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2002 Camry LE Where do you find the switch to turn the interior lights onso that when you open the door the interior light will come on?

On the interior lights for the back seats, there is a switch. When you turn the switch to "Door" mode it will make the lights turn on when the door is opened.

Lights on indicator bell goes off when the drivers door is opened and no lights are on?

Most often this is due to an interior light being left on. Often it is the roller switch that controls the dashlight brightness and interior lighting being set to 'interior lights on'.

99 Pontiac Montana interior lights do not turn on when door is opened?

My 1996 Pontiac Transport has a "Dome Light Over-ride Switch" in the dash near the ash tray. It refers to lights coming on with the Doors are Open and allows you to switch it to "Off". Mine quit working so I went to a wrecking yard and picked one out of a wreck for $5 and everthing started working again. Hope this is helpful.

On a 1998 ford expedition is there a way to turn off interior lights when door is opened?

I believe if you rotate the gauge panel dimmer wheel switch ( beside your headlight switch ) all the way down , it will keep your interior lights from coming on when you open a door

How do you shut off interior lights in ford explored when hatch is up?

You don't say what year of Ford Explorer but on some years you can rotate the guage panel dimmer switch until none of the interior lights will come on if any doors or the liftgate is opened

Your dome lights on your 2001 Pontiac Firebird isn't working when doors open or switch on fuse and bulbs are good and the map lights work?

If your map lights come on when the door is opened then the problem lies with only the dome light. check the bulb and test the wires for voltage and ground. there may just be a short in the ground. that's the most common problem with interior lighting. In my opinion. hope this can help.

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Why do the interior lights on your 93 olds 98 not come on when the doors are opened and also the electric locks don't operate properly?

fuse or broken ground in wires

Is there a way to keep the doors or hatch of a 2001 Expedition open and have the interior lights turn off?

pull out the fuse ----------------------------------- rotate your gauge lighting dimmer wheel all the way down ( to the right of your headlight switch ) that shuts off the interior lights so they won't come on when a door is opened

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Why do no interior lights come on when doors are opened in 1999 suburban but lights do work in overide position?

Look on your dash close to your headlamp switch, may be a rocker type switch with a light bulb symble , that is your dome light overide sw.

What would make running board lights turn on when the door is opened and the key is put in the ignition but turn off once the truck is cranked?

I am not a mechanic, however as an electrician it sounds like the running board lights are wired to the same relay as the interior lights. To check this, simply crank the truck, leave all the exterior lights off, turn on the interior light, then walk around the truck and look at the running board lights. If they are on then turn the interior light off and the parking lights on, check to see if the running board lights come back on. Depending on the make and model of the truck, I could be way off in left field and this info may not apply. uuummmm.....programing?

Interior lights stay lit when ignition switch in on position replaced courtesy lamp relay-no luck 95 mystique?

There should be a switch that has three positions, one position to have the courtesy lights come on only when doors are opened, another position to turn courtesy lights off completely and another position to have courtesy lights stay on continually.

Where is the fuse for the trunk on the grand marquis?

Same one that controls interior lighting lights come on inside car trunk should too when opened check lightbulb change if necessary have a good day

1998 ford windstar interior lights will not come on when doors are opened but work when turned on manually engine module or engine computer controls lights and bells where is it and does it need repla?

Under the dash on the drivers side there should be some relays (black square). Check your manual for where the interior light relay is. The problem is most likely the sensor on the sliding door. Good Luck.

How do you open the rear door on a Pontiac transport?

Rotate the Black handle Clockwise, it will make a noise. And then Gently pull. Turning it CCW will lock the door, and then it must be unlocked, by the Key or Automatic-Locks before it can be opened. If you look close these instructions are on the black handle.

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Interior light for astra mk3 not coming on when door opened or headlight switch pulled.

Why would the alarm to notify that the lights are on in a Fiesta on stop working at the same time the interior light does not come on when the door is opened?

There is probably a fuse a single fuse that controls both items, chech your service manual, or

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Why does my 2003 Pontiac radio not shut off after door is opened?

Did it ever shut off?

Why are the interior lights not working on your 1994 Suburban?

AnswerCheck the fuse Check the control switch on dash (if any) labeled with a light bulb symbolMy Interior lights worked when I turned them on manually with the roll switch, but when I set the switch to neutral and placed the auto switch to on, so that when the doors were opened the light should come on, they would not.Answer: The little push switch located on the side of the dash when the door is closed its pressed in by the door, when the door is open the switch springs out and the light comes on. If this switch is bad or has a short (jiggle) interior lights wont work when door is open and dash is set to AUTO. Replace!

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