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I'll I have to do on my 96 grand am is put the steering wheel all the way down (tilt steering) before putting it into park.

its all oabut hearing the click after the keys r all the way back slowly turn forward and try to pull them out ull here a click and they well slide right out

this used to happen to me, too... key would get stuck in the accessory position and my battery got drained twice. on the bottom of the steering column there is a little plastic square cover; pop it off and you will feel a round button; press this button and the key will come out even if it's not in the off position.

My 1996 Grand AM had the same problem. The keys would get stuck in the ignition. It turned out to be a worn out shifter. The shifter was not getting all the way into park.

I had the same problem on my 97. Like the poster above it was the shifter. There is a electric solenoid on the shifter. It's plunger is spring loaded so that when you go into park the solenoid deenergizes and allows the ignition switch to go all the way to the off posititon and release the key. The spring on the plunger gets weak or clogged with gunk and the plunger cannot drop to deenergize the circuit. The solenoid is riveted to the shifter so it cannot be changed. You will end up having to replace the shifter assembly.

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Q: How do you get the keys out of a 97 Grand Am GT ignition when it does not turn of all the way off?
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How do you turn off the buzzing noise when you open the driver side door on a Chevy pickup?

Are the keys in the ignition? If so all you have to do is take them out when you open the door.

What causes a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo to turn off all the sudden?

loose wire or most likely ignition module

The ignition on 1992 ford explorer won't turn.?

not sure if it's the same on yours but on mine this is what i do. i leave the key in the ignition, i turn the ignition all the way back as far as it will go, tap on the key inwards and then try it again. on mine it's because my keys are worn down, yours might be the same, but it's worth a shot.

Why do I turn the key and starter won't turn?

I have a 1997 grand am and i have power to the starter but when i turn the key over it wont in gauge the starter. all fuses are good. You may have a defective ignition switch.

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How to replace ignition lock cylinder for 1997 Chevy Malibu if you cant turn the key to ON position the key wont turn at all?

Go to dealer, expensive, have to get one through them so key is the same as the original so you don't need two keys, door/ ignition. Tear apart steering column.

How to use remote start on jeep grand Cherokee?

All you do is push the button on the remote, then turn the key in the ignition to "ACC" within usually 10 mins

How do you reset factory alarm?

# Make sure the drivers front(left front) door is closed and you have your car keys. # Insert your door key into the drivers door and turn it to the locked position two times. # Then turn the key to the unlock position twice. # The alarm should be disarmed, now. # SECOND TECHNIQUE: # If not then take the ignition key and turn the ignition switch all the way ON then OFF then ON a second time and OFF again. # These are the procedures for nearly all factory alarm systems. # If neither of these works you probably have an after market(add-on) alarm system. Disarming a after market alarm system with your ignition key will be discussed in a future post. * This technique is only for use on your own car that you own and have keys for. If you don't have the keys- disconnect the negative battery cable to stop the horn until you get your keys. Then reconnect the negative terminal and proceed to step one. * Keys

How do you reset a 2007 vw polo service light?

With the keys out of the ignition push and turn to the right the mileage reset button and hold it in. Turn on the ignition so the lights come up on the dash. I held this for about 15 seconds. Whilst still holding down and to the right the mileage reset button, turn off the ignition and take out the key. Now let go of the Mileage reset button. Yay, all done. Worked for me........

What causes the ignition where the key goes to lock up snd will not turn at all?

I am not sure what causes this, but I have had times when my ignition key would not turn. The solution to the main problem is to turn the steering wheel slightly. This usually allows the ignition key to turn.

Ignition key cylinder Toyota?

hi; had the ignition key cylinder replace June 9,08 on a 1995 corolla. i could turn the key half way for the radio to come on; but could not turn all the way to start the car. i found out that you have to take it to the dealer to get it fix so that they can make the keys for it. the cost was around $425 with keys; what a hassel i went through.

How do you switch off the headlight sensor on a Renault Clio?

Turn the car off... Then turn the keys in the ignition until all the dash lights light up... Then turn you headlights on and off maually three times... You should hear a beep. that means you have disabled the sensor! :) Hope that helps... repeat the process to turn it back on! :)

How do I reprogram my key fob on a 2002 Ford Mondeo ghia x 24v?

I have a 2002 ghia x 24v, and this is from my owners guide that i got with the car, a maximum of four keys with radio frequency remote control can be programmed for your vehicle, to progamme new keys with radio frequency remote control turn the ignition key to position II four times within six seconds, switch off the ignition, a tone sounds to indicate that it is now possible to programme new keys with radio frequency control for ten seconds, press any button on a new key with radio frequency remote control, a tone will sound as confirmation, repeat this last step for all your keys with radio frequency remote control, including your original keys, switch the ignition back on or wait for ten seconds without programming another key to end the key programming, only the keys with radio frequency remote control which you have just programmed are now able to lock and unlock your vehicle, KEY CODING, a maximum of eight keys in all can be coded for your vehicle, complete each of the following steps within five seconds, insert the first key in the ignition switch and turnto position II, turn the key back to position 0 and remove from the ignition switch, insert the second key in the ignition switch and turn to position II, turn the second key back to position 0 and remove from the ignition switch, the key coding mode is now activated, if any uncoded key is now inserted in the ignition switch and turned to position II within ten seconds, this key is coded to the sysyem, after the coding process is completed remove the key from the ignition switch, wait five seconds for the system to be activated,hope this helps, Roger.

How do you replace the ignition switch in a 2000 Pontiac grand prix?

I just did one on a 99 Grand Am. It really was quite simple once I got it apart. On mine, the ignition would not turn from the off position; therefore I could not remove the lock cylinder from the ignition switch (that took me while to ovecome). I am not familiar with the Grand Prix dash configuration, I assume it is similar. Just pick up a manual ($20.00, well worth it) for the grand prix it explains the removal process well. The Auto Zone near me had both the lock cylinder and the ignition switch in stock so I could see how it all went together before I got started. Once you get the new cylinder, you may want to take it to a lock smith and have it keyed to match the existing key so you don't have to mess with two keys (one for the doors and one for the ignition). The one thing you need to be aware of is the factory Passlock Security System. If you did not have the ignition re-keyed you will need to reprogram the security system in order for the car to start. I used the 10 minute reprogram for the Passlock 2 system, put the key in the ignition and turn the engine over (the car should not start, if it did you are done), turn the key to the ON position, let it set for 10 min. The security light should be flashing. After 10 min. the security light should stop flashing the car is ready to learn the new key value. Turn the key off, wait 5 seconds, and then try to start the car. Good luck!

How do you reset your maint rqd light on your Toyota Tacoma?

i think you have to push in the tripometer turn on ignition and then wait second, turn off the ignition and turn back on i did it once but cant remember all of it

How do you program a keyless transmitter for a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

This works for the 1993 Grand Cherokee: Sit inside the vehicle with all the doors closed. Place ignition in the OFF position. Open the driver's door. Leave Open. Move the mechanical door lever to the LOCK position. Turn the ignition to the RUN position. Aim the transmitter at the Keyless Entry receiver and press Lock button. Hold for five seconds until the door locks cycle. Turn ignition OFF within 20 seconds.

How do you turn off the change oil soon light on a 2006 Grand Prix GT?

Turn on the ignition key....but don't start the car. Pump the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor 3 times. After releasing it the 3rd time it should reset.

Where can you get the code to reset computer for a peugeot 306 diesel after a service?

All you have to do is turn the ignition off and press and hold the left button on the dash and then turn your ignition back on there will then be displayed a symbol of a spanner and a timer starting from 10 and wait for it 2 count all the way down then turn your ignition off and job done.

How do you replace ignition lock cylinder on a 93 Mercury Tracer Wagon. Flat spring loaded extension from cylinder lock to ignition switch broke. Key no longer spring loaded does not engage starter?

First, the best thing to do is go over to the parts store and pick up an ignition lock cylinder WITH KEYS. Then take off all parts of the dash that cover up your cylinder. Then look at the new one find where the little button is to push. Put the keys in the ignition, turn it to the on position (battery disconnected), push the pin in and it will come right out by pulling on the key

How do you get the key to turn when in the ignition. Mine will not turn at all to turn the car on.?

jiggle your steering wheel back and forth mine does it to

1999 Pontiac grand am when I turn the key no power at all will come on?


How do you reset the oil service light manually on a 2000 peugeot 106 independence?

All you have to do is turn the ignition off and press and hold the left button on the dash and then turn your ignition back on there will then be displayed a symbol of a spanner and a timer starting from 10 and wait for it 2 count all the way down then turn your ignition off and job done.

How do you reset oil change light on dodge nitro?

Turn ignition on, press accellerator pedal all the way down three times within 10s and turn ignition off

You have a 1999 Pontiac grand am and the ignition switch is locked up on it the key won't turn at all the steering wheel isn't locked though any suggestions?

you need to replace your ignition in the steering column or take it apart and rebuild it. having a locksmith work on it might cost you less then replacing it though.