How do you get the keys out of a 97 Grand Am GT ignition when it does not turn of all the way off?

I'll I have to do on my 96 grand am is put the steering wheel all the way down (tilt steering) before putting it into park.

its all oabut hearing the click after the keys r all the way back slowly turn forward and try to pull them out ull here a click and they well slide right out

this used to happen to me, too... key would get stuck in the accessory position and my battery got drained twice. on the bottom of the steering column there is a little plastic square cover; pop it off and you will feel a round button; press this button and the key will come out even if it's not in the off position.

My 1996 Grand AM had the same problem. The keys would get stuck in the ignition. It turned out to be a worn out shifter. The shifter was not getting all the way into park.

I had the same problem on my 97. Like the poster above it was the shifter. There is a electric solenoid on the shifter. It's plunger is spring loaded so that when you go into park the solenoid deenergizes and allows the ignition switch to go all the way to the off posititon and release the key. The spring on the plunger gets weak or clogged with gunk and the plunger cannot drop to deenergize the circuit. The solenoid is riveted to the shifter so it cannot be changed. You will end up having to replace the shifter assembly.