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Talk to the poketech guy in jublife city who is inside the poketech building. If you have won the fourth gym badge, he will give you the marking map app.

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Q: How do you get the map app on Pokemon platinum?
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What do you do when a Pokemon keeps moving places on the map app on Pokemon platinum?

Fly to the place, then walk in the tall grass.

How do you get the marking map on the poketch in Pokemon platinum?

Go and talk to the owner of poketch in poketch company's building he will install the marking map app in your poketch

What is poketech app in Pokemon platinum?

it app for

How do you get the poketch marking map app on Pokemon platinum English version?

You must have 7 badges then talk to the president of the poketech company in jubilife city and he will give you the app

Where do you you get the marking map app in platinum?

you get the marking app from the poketch company.

How do you get town map in Pokemon light platinum?

The map can be found in the Pokemon center. Pokemon light platinum beta versions all maps of the the town and other maps can be found in the Pokemon Center.

Where do you get cresselia in pokemon platinum?

There is a pokegear app that allows you to track pokemon. After you first come in contact with it, it will be trackable through that app.

Can you still get the marking map app after you have gone to the solaceon town part of Pokemon platinum?

Of course! You only need to have collected the Cobble Badge from Maylene in Veilstone City.

Where do you get the tracking app on Pokemon Platinum?

From prof rowin

How do you catch roaming Pokemon in platinum?

1. use a master ball. 2. use the poketch map app to track the Pokemon and weaken them then use any pokeball to catch them (this takes a while)

Were do you find in item app in platinum?

App is not an item, it is those things that you put into youir poketch, such as the marking map.

Where can you find the Friendship checker app on Pokemon platinum?

You can find the app in the Pokemon Center in Eterna City. Talk to one of the girls.

What does the matchup app do on Pokemon platinum?

It shows how effective a move is against a type of Pokemon.

Where do you get the friendship app in Pokemon platinum?

The friendship app or frenship checker is given to you by a girl on the first floor of the Eterna city Pokemon center.

Where to find mesprit after it runs away from you in Pokemon platinum?

i believe that Mesprit can appear anywhere after running away. A special pokectch app can tell u where if You have the marking map app then you can see where he is just dont use fly

Where can you find the Dowsing Machine on Pokemon Platinum?

its a poketch app.

What is the orange dot on the map in Pokemon platinum?

where you are

Why is a dot still bleeping on the Sinnoh region map on Pokemon Platinum even though I've caught Mesprit but not yet released Cresselia?

Refresh/Change Poketch App then go back to the same poketch app and the dot should be gone!

What does 2 hearts mean on the happiness checker app on Pokemon platinum?

It means thAt. That Pokemon is at maximum happiness and if youcan answer this , where can you find a happiny in any of the three Pokemon games ( platinum pearl or diamond )

How do you get a zapedous on platinum?

use the poketch app markin map after you beat the elite 4

Where do it say your time zone on Pokemon platinum?

On your poke'tch when you get it. It is app #1.

Where do you see profesor oak after you have the national pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

Go to eterna city.At the botttom of the city enter the house to your left and oak will be there.If you have the marking map app for you poketch he will tell you the three bird Pokemon are in sinnoh and you can capture them.

How do you catch Mespririt on Pokemon Platinum?

Get a Pokemon that knows mean look like Golbat and get the map app. for your poketech I'm not sure where you get it ^^you get the map app. from The Poketech Company, in Jubilife City. (From Pokemon centre, go up to the top of the Pokemart then turn left, continue going left until you reach a building with two doors. inside is the president and he should give it to you.) You can also use a Pokemon with the "arena trap" ability (like trapnich)

List how many Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Platinum?

Hey!Goooch fake gps ,an app can help you virtual positioning. Come on!Esay to use!

How do you get marking map app on Pokemon diamond?

The marking map app can be found in Jubilife city from the Pokétch company. Talk to the owner and he will eventually give it to you.