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go to puffin point and go on the speed boat and race big nate. when you win go on top of the rock where the 2 seals are and push them to the left side then click on the map and you will have the map:)

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What number is Big Nate Island from the top?

Big Nate Island on the Poptropica map is the 9th from the top.

Where is the map for time capsule on poptropica big nate?

You have to beat Big Nate on the ski boats and get the map that is under the rocks. :)

In Poptropica on Big Nate Island what do I need a jet ski for?

you need the jet ski to get the map for the time caupsul

How do you get another Poptropica map?

The map for Nabooti island is in the museum. A map for the Time Capsule is at Seal Island on Big Nate island. To see a map of the areas you have already entered on any island, click on the Map symbol at the upper right of the Poptropica window. Each island is available on the pull-down menu.

How can you go to big Nate island?

Go to your blimp and travel across the map to Big Nate Island.

Why won't the ladder come up when I push the file cabinet on big Nate island on poptropica?

Because you need to get the map from the locker before you can g down.

What do you do after you outrace Nate in the jet ski race on big nate island?

Tilt the rock by moving the seals to the left side. You can now retrieve the paper, which is a map to the Time Capsule on Big Nate island.

Where do you get the map to tell you where to dig the hole in Poptropica big Nate island?

you look throw telscope and u see a see saw then you ride the boat with ur jet sk

After you get the keys how do you ride the jet ski on Big Nate island?

Look through the telescope on top of the lighthouse to see where you are going : the seal rock has a map under it. Race Nate to the island to get the map.

How do you get the blueprints on Poptropica?

On 24 Carrot Island, the vent diagram is in a window near the roof. On Big Nate Island, the school blueprint is in Nate's locker. The secret map to the Time Capsule is under a rock on Seal-Saw Island.

What do you do after getting the net on big nate island?

You give it to the old guy that is on the balkony and he gives you a lobster and the keys to the boats and then you have to beat nate to the map and get the map out of the rock.

How do you use the jet ski keys on big nate?

You go to the harbour and click on the jet skies. after that you will compete with Nate to the island with the map.

What do you do when you first get to big Nate island?

talk to nate then find the the sixteen pieces of the map. (It only looks like less but find sixteen.)

Where to get the map to under the school on Big Nate island on poptropica?

you have to go to the very top of the playground and there's a treehouse you play hang man if you win you will get crackers feed them to the dog where the girls where standing and get the treasere.

How do you get the treasure map in big nate?

you have to beat Nate on the jet

Where is the map of the detention room on Big Nate island?

its under the rock when you go and take the ski boat

How do you get a map on big nate island when you dig?

you don't need one! It's where the girls in the play ground are!

Where is the map on big nate island?

You can see it from the telescope on top of the lighthouse : it is on a seal island just offshore. (to the far right) To get the map, you will need to race Nate on the jet skis. (Move the seals to one side of the seesaw rock to get the map out.) (see related question)

On big nate island what does the map mean?

you look at the map and where the x is is where you give the dog the peanut crackers (only if you ring the bell first)

What do you do after the principle leaves in big Nate?

you leave and and race nate for the map

What happens if you don't get the keys on Big Nate's island?

if you don't get the keys you can't beat nate to get the map for the school.

Where do you get a map in Poptropica?

The maps to the islands are displayed once you have played those areas.24 Carrot IslandThe blueprint to the factory vents is stuck in the window on the roof.Nabooti IslandGet the map from the Nabooti totem guide in the museum.Big Nate islandThe map to the Time Capsule is on the Seal Island to the right of Puffin Point, and you must race Nate on the jet ski to get it.Skullduggery islandThere are five pieces to the treasure map, one on each of the five trading islands.Cryptids IslandIn Puerto Rico, the map at the upper right shows your location and the five locations you can drive to (the start and four others).(see related questions)

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