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You can obtain the member card in one of two ways. You can go to an event for example at Toys R Us, or GameStop. The other way of obtaining the member card is using an action replay and the code for that is:

94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

0000AA3C EDB88320

2000AA68 00000008

D2000000 00000000 (Hold L+R and then walk into a pokemart)

Then you go to Canalave City and go to the door of the house right above the Pokemon Center and click (A).

There you go. Have fun with your member card and your brand new Darkrai ;)

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Where is the member card on Pokemon diamond for darkyria?

you have to have a action replay

What do you do with the member card in diamond?

The member Card was available in Pokemon platinum for a certain time. As of now, it is not available anymore. I'm not sure if it was ever available in Diamond.

How do you get member card in Pokemon diamond?

I used an action replay to get darkrai(have to get th emember card)

Well you went on wi-fi connection for the member card it said no gifts were found what should you do Pokemon diamond?

The member card event is only on Pokemon Platinum, sadly.

Where can you find a member card in Pokemon Diamond version?

You can't find a Member Card in Pokémon Diamond because it's an event item that can only be gotten through Nintendo events.

Where do you get member card in Pokemon diamond with out action replay?

I believe there was an event for darkrai/member card at Toys 'R' Us. Unfortunately, the event is long gone.

If you have a Pokemon card can you download that Pokemon card to your Pokemon Diamond?


How do you get member card?

you get it through Nintendo event or mystery gift on Pokemon pearl platinum or diamond

Can you catch Darkrai in Pokemon diamond without a action replay?

Yes, but you will need the member card.

How do you find darcrai in Pokemon diamond?

I assume you mean Darkrai. Darkrai is found on Newmoon Island, but requires a Member Card. A Member Card is an event item that is not given out anymore.

How do you get the member pass on Pokemon diamond?

The member pass was only distributed via a Nintendo event. The Member pass as i was know before release was officially called the Member's Card. This card was used to obtain Darkrai

How do you get member card from friend in Pokemon platinum?

Have your friends Pokemon hold the member card and trade it.

How do you open the harbor inn door in Pokemon diamond?

The Harbor Inn in Pokemon Diamond is only accessible by using the Member Card. This item is only obtainable through an official Nintendo event.

How do you unjam the locked door in canalave city on Pokemon diamond?

You need to get the member card. which you can't get anymore. Or use cheats.

Where can you get the member card?

Unless your friend trades a pokemon that holds the member card, you can only get the member card from a event.

How do you get a member pass in Pokemon Diamond?

using a Pokemon event

Pokemon diamond how to get a member card without action replay and wihout event?

I don't think you can, if this is false, someone correct me but I think it is no.

How do you use the member card in Pokemon platinum?

you have to go to canalave city and behind the Pokemon center is the inn to use the member card to.

In Pokemon platinum how do you get the member card?

The member card was an event a little while ago. Sadly, you can not get a member card from a trainer, as it wont let you give the card to a pokemon. the only way to get one now is using an AR.

Where do you battle cressla in Pokemon diamond?

There was an event at toys 'r' us for the member card that leads to darkrai and cresselia, but it's gone now.

What do you do to get the member card in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can only get the Member's Card in Diamond and Pearl through special events or via cheating devices. The first and so far last Member's Card event has passed however so it's no longer available for download.

Where to get the members card?

The Members Card is an event exclusive item in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. The event that gives it out is no long being held so the only way to get the Member Card is the use of a cheat device.

What do you do with the member card in Pokemon diamond?

you use it to meet darkrai.just go to canalave city and the lock door and you will go to darkais new moon island

How do you unlock the house in canalave city with the member card in diamond?

yes and you get the member card with the mystery gift option on the main menu

Can you play Pokemon diamond in PC with a card reader?