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How do you get the mystery part on Pokemon mystery dungen explorers of darkness?

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Well there is no true mystery part in the name "Mystery Dungeon", but I guess you could say the mystery is what you will encounter in the dungeon.

2013-03-15 19:04:19
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Pokemon mystery dungen explorers of darkness?

If u want to know about Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness go to Google and type in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Walkthrough or go to Google images and type Pokemon Mystery dungeon

How do you clone Pokemon on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

i don`t think you can clone on mystery dungen. sorry.

What do you do when you graduate from wigglytuff's guild on Pokemon mystery dungen explorers of darkness?

You have to beat the the grand master of all things bad and his minions (wigglytuff's guild),then get the perfect apple at mystyfing forest.

In Pokemon mystery dungen explorers of sky how long is meracel sea?

18 on the first part and then 4 on the second

How many floors are in the secret waterfall on pokemon mystery dungen explores of darkness?

i think 7 mabye 9.

Is there any more Pokemon verisions coming out?

Pokemon p just came out. but next will be Pokemon mystery dungen explorers of the sky some time soon.

Dose your player in any of the Pokemon games get kidnaped?

yes in in mystery dungen the on about time and darkness you get kiddnapped twice any others?

Pokemon mystery dungen how to evolve riolu into Lucario in explorers of time?

You need to have his IQ at 1 star or more AND you need a sun ribbon.

Pokemon mystery dungen good team names?


How do you beat Dialga in Pokemon mystery dungen?


Is shaymin from Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky a boy or a girl?

well it isn't really any cause neither is anyone in Pokemon mystery dungen ,but, personally i think its a boy in sky form and girl in land form

How do you let Darkrai to join your team on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

There is many answers to your 1 question but ill give you a simple answer go to youtube and search Pokemon mystery dungen explorers of sky getting darkrai to join your team if this doen't work email me at

What are the unknown Pokemon for?

as said in the entei movie, the unown were in the ruins of alph and they were used to create entei. and if you have the mystery dungen explaoers of darkness you can use them to get rigsteel, rigrock. andrig ice

How do you get buttocks in Pokemon mystery dungen explorers of sky?

Unlock Destiny Tower. Climb up through all floors (99). Arceus is at the last floor (the summit). It's level 100.

Pokemon mystery dungen explorers of sky wonder mail?

The wonder mail from Time and Darkness will not work in sky. The Wonder Mail S will only work in sky. if you want wonder mail s codes read this, Please vist and become a member. You will get unlimted acess to the games greatest codes!

Were do you find kogay in Pokemon mester dungen explores of darkness?

i think you're talking about kyogre there is a code to get him

How do you beat amp plains in Pokemon explorers of sky?

you basically do the same just find the stairs the best starter for this dungen is Phanphy

How do you get Eevee in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explors of Time?

you either have to get it as a starter or go to the dungen Mistifing forest and befriend it as a lv 5

How many floors are Mew's dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

There are 29 floors plus the one mew is in at the very top making it tecnecly 30 Answer The dungen contains many different Pokemon,mostly grass so if your fire,it should be easy.Be aware that the pokemons levls are around 22-45.And,yes,if you are a master rank he joins your team(i think,he joind my team and im master rank).Have fun! You don't actually have 2 be a Master Rank....... 'cause i wasn't.

How do you get primal Dialga in platinum?

you cant you could only get it in mystery dungen the only dialga you could catch rather than the real one in pokemon plastnum is a shiny one

In Pokemon mystery dungen explores of time can your Pokemon evolve?

dont think so. well after you defeat darkrai I think it says they can live there but can not evolve but when I went there again it said I could evolve me and my partner fully into feralergatar and charzard

How do you get more stare IQ for Pokemon myster dungen?

Feed your pokemon gummis, lots of gummis.

How do you evolve piplup in Pokemon mystery dungen explore of sky?

once you beat the game you need to wait until maphy returns and recruit palki the n you go to luminous spring and evolve

Can you get another wish stone if you lost it on Pokemon mystery dungen?

maybe..... if toy retype the wonder mail code you could do the mission again and maybe get it. i havent lost mine but it is sure to work!

How do you get marine resort in Pokemon mystery dungen sky?

It is unlocked right at the end of all the main game and post-game storyline. It can be considered the very last plot-related thing to happen.