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Q: How do you get the name of the supervisor for housekeeping at the Drake Hotel in Chicago IL?
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When was Drake Hotel - Chicago - created?

Drake Hotel - Chicago - was created in 1920.

What is your goal for housekeeping supervisor in hotel?

guest rooms cleanliness

What is a housekeeping report?

This report is used to check the status of the rooms. It makes an easy for the housekeeping as well as front office to know the current status of each room in the hotel. Usually the housekeeping control desk supervisor prepares it.

What are some examples of case study in hotel housekeeping?

Hilton Hotel Housekeeping report is an example of case study in hotel housekeeping. It basically talks about hotel housekeeping in detail.

Where is the Drake Hotel located?

The iconic Drake hotel is located in the trendy city of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan. Acclaimed restaurants are a highlight to visiting there.

How many rooms are in the Drake Hotel from Chicago?

The Drake Hotel from Chicago has 537 bedrooms, 74 suits and a six roomed presidential suite. The luxurious full service hotel offers sophistication with several restaurants and two large ballrooms.

What is the definition of housekeeping in hotel housekeeping department?

The definition of housekeeping in a hotel is an operational department responsible for cleaning. Responsibilities of a hotel housekeeping department include cleanliness of the hotel including public areas.

What hotel in Chicago did Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe carve their initials on the table in the bar?

The Cape Code Room Restaurant at the Drake Hotel Chicago

What hotel do the Minnesota Twins stay in when playing the Chicago White Sox?


What hotel in Chicago did the movie My Best Friend's Wedding take place in?

The Drake

Organization chart of housekeeping?

The housekeeping department of a hotel is usually headed by an Executive Housekeeper. Sections within the housekeeping department includes the following: 1) Linen and uniform 2) Laundry 3) Housekeeping ( rooms and public areas ) 4) Gardening