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Do you mean a Blazer? There isn't an '86 Tahoe.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-01 07:05:49
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Q: How do you get the oil fill cap off an 86 Tahoe?
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What is an oil cap?

cap that covers the oil fill hole in engine

What could happen leaving oil cap off while running?

The engine oil could splash out of the oil fill hole.

What type of oil for a 2002 grand am?

Look on the cap that you take off to fill the oil on the valve cover.The brand will be your choice.

What would cause the oil fill cap to blow off while a car is running?

its loose

What happens if oil filter cap is loose?

Neither your oil filter, or the fill cap need to be loose, the filter should be screwed on as tight as you can get it by hand only, and the fill cap should fit snugly so it does not come off. If the oil filter is loose or too tight you can blow out the seal which will cause you lose all your oil.

What type of oil for a 3.6l engine for the 2011 dodge charger?

Check the oil fill cap, it should require 5w20.Check the oil fill cap, it should require 5w20.

Oil to use in the Mazda?

look at the oil fill cap

Where do you put oil in at in a 1997 dodge ram?

Oil fill cap. If you cannot find the oil fill cap, you have no business doing your own repairs. Do not overfill or you may damage your engine.

What oil is recommended for Honda Accord with a V6 engine?

Any good, name brand oil, that has the same weight spec as is on the oil filler cap. it should be 5W20 or 5W30. it is written right on the cap you take off to fill the engine with oil.

Is the oil filter where you add the oil?

No, you add oil at the oil fill cap on top of the engine.

Where to put oil in car?

You add oil to the oil fill cap which stores the oil in the oil pan.

Where is the pcv value on a 2002 neon?

next to the oil fill cap, there is a hose take it off and there is the pcv with some letters on it.

Where do I put the engine oil in on my 5300 Series John Deere Tractor?

The oil fill entrance is on the right hand side near the front, right above the oil filter. Black plastic screw off cap, remove and fill.

Where does the oil go in a 325i BMW?

in the top of the engine there is a cap with an oil can sign on it . Fill the oil in there. Be care not to over fill as it can cause the engine to cease!

How to change oil on a Murray snow blower Model 624808x4c?

There should be a galvanized nipple with a cap on the end of it stick out the back of the snowblower. Take the cap off that nipple and tip back to drain the old oil. Fill oil via yellow oil cap on top of snowblower. Approx 3/4 of a quart.

How do you check the oil in a gsxr 1000?

You can check the oil with the oil dipstick. The oil dipstick is on the bottom of the oil fill cap.

Where to put the oil in?

Oil fill cap. If you do not know where to add oil, then you have no business under the hood of this vehicle.

Why does engine turns off when oil cap is removed?

The engine turns off when the oil cap is removed because the engine is designed to do so. When the oil cap is removed a vacuum leak is created which causes the engine to turn off.

Is there another way to fill the gear oil on a GL1100 Honda Gold Wing Cause the filler cap is not coming off?

nope use vise gips and remove cap go and purchase a new cap and oring

Could someone give me advice on Back pressure on a Mercedes sprinter 2.2 diesel with 245000 miles on the clock when i opened the oil filler cap oil spots jumping out lots of pressure. is this common?

The oil fill cap is meant to be opened with engine off.

What kind of oil for Lincoln LS?

the specifications should be on the oil fill cap sorry this is the best i can do

Where in the engine do you put the oil in your 130 Infiniti?

Your pour it in the oil fill opening after removing the cap.

Why do you put oil in the car?

You put engine oil in at the oil fill cap. It is normally located on the valve cover.

Where is the oil plug on a 1982 Yamaha maxim 550?

on my 1982 maxim 550, the oil fill cap is the little cap right above your rear brake. The oil filter looks liek its in the front bottom area, just un bolt that to drain, and unscrew the cap by the brake to fill.

How do you change the oil on a Honda CRF 150F?

To change the oil on a 150f you have to take a cap off it takes a big socket set to do this. The cap is right next to the shifter. once the cap is off a spring is right behind it and and filter behind that keep those parts for later. the oil will begging to come out and you need a pan to catch it. When all the oil is out put the assembly back in and fill the bike with 10w - 30 oil. you need about 1.1 quarts.