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You didn't state the make, model, or year of the car. On most newer model cars the transmission is computer controlled. A flashing OD light means there is a problem. Take the car to the dealer or to a good independent transmission shop. Avoid chain transmission shops.

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Q: How do you get the overdrive light to stop flashing even when it is off?
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How do you stop the overdrive light form flashing on a 2001 Eddie Bauer?

By having the problem repaired. Take it to a professional, as you have a transmission problem.

How do you stop a ford explorer Flashing overdrive off light?

When the overdrive off light flashes it means the powertrain control module has "received" information of a transmission problem. Take it in to the dealer or other transmission repair professional, continuing to drive with the O/D OFF light flashing can result in damage to the transmission.

HOW DO YOU stop the air bag light from flashing in a 2006 crown vic?

The light is flashing because there is a problem. The problem will need to be diagnosed and repaired to stop the flashing.

How do you stop temperature gauge flashing red on your car even after you have topped up coolant reservoir?

Switch the ignition off and start the car again.The light will then stop flashing.

Flashing red light?

Flashing red lights are to be treated as a stop sign.

What is a flashing red light at an intersection equal to?

A flashing red light is treated like a stop sign.

What would cause the overdrive light to flash on a 1999 ford windstar when you are doing about 55 miles per hour?

The light will flash if the vehicle senses that you should be in overdrive (based on speed) but aren't. There should be a button on the end of your gearshift lever to turn overdrive back on. The only time you should turn that off is, for example, if you are pulling a trailer in the mountains. Turn OD back on and the light will stop flashing. If it doesn't stop then there is a problem with the transmission going into overdrive.

How do you stop the glow plug light flashing even thought you av put in new ones and it is still flashing on a vw bora t reg?

when the glow plug light is flashing during driving it is not the plugs that need replaced it normally means you have a bulb blown most commonly one of your sidelights and once replaced your glow plug light will stop flashing

What does a red traffic light mean what a flashing red traffic light mean?

a red traffic light means stop and a red blinking flashing light means its a stop sign

What does a flashing red light at an intersection mean?

A flashing red light at an intersection is a stop sign. All rules apply as they would to a stop sign.

What must you do when you encounter a flashing red while driving?

A flashing red traffic light is used the same way as a stop sign. You treat a flashing red traffic light the same way you do as a stop sign. If the traffic light is "blacked-out", it's to be treated as an all-way stop. What I do when I come up to a flashing red traffic light, I look at the cross-traffic signals to see if they're also flashing red, or if they're flashing yellow to see if they stop or if they don't stop.

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