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The only way to have a true and trusting relationship is to build its foundation out of the same materials, trust and truth. Asking for their true feelings is something that puts both individuals at risk. If you don't like what you hear, you may be hurt, if the other person doesn't know what they feel they may be incapable of expressing their feelings. This is a very difficult question to answer, the best advice I can give is, be truthfull, trusting, and understanding. The rest will work itself out. When all esle fails ask and then shutup and listen.

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Q: How do you get the person you are in a relationship with to tell you their true feelings about you?
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How do you get a person back?

you tell them how you exactly feel. true feelings usually win a person over.

When do men want to tell his girlfriend his feelings?

JUST DO. A guy cannot hold back his true feelings about a relationship. So he should just go up to her, and tell her how he feels, and hopefully they will be able to compromise.

How do you prove your love for him although you both in long distance relationship?

send him selfies, tell him/her your true feelings and see if he/she texts back

What is true relationship?

A true relationship is when you care about the other person, if your married then u will no 4 sure. If you love and cherish the other person then you are in a true relationship, but if you hate the other person all the time then you're not a true relationship.

What do I do if I love my boyfriend but I have feelings for my best friend?

You should be true with the person you love,tell him that you have developed feelings for someone and you need space to sort tour head out you will have to choose,

Why guys deny feelings?

They do that because they don't want you to know there true feelings cause if you like someone you wouldn't want to tell that person that you liked them so guys deny there feelings

What do you call someone who is friends with your enemy?

Well if they know your enemies with that person then they are not a true friend. If they dont know talk to them and tell them they you have deep,bad feelings for that person. He/she will understand.

What is a true loving relationship?

a true love relationship is someone who you can be with and tell him or her anything. A true loving relationship is also someone who can take care of you, and love you however you are!

What is a one word for a person who can disguise his feelings?

A dissimulator disguises his true intent or feelings.

How do you confess your love to someone?

Well, you definitely don't want to say "I love you." early in a relationship!!! A very big no no:( Take time to let the relationship grow, and for you and your lover to get closer. Once you do, take time to build up the confidence to tell that person your true feelings. It doesn't have to be the perfect moment, just as long as yo and that person rae somewhere private.

Should you tell her your true feelings or will that ruin your friendship?

That is tough but if you don't tell her, You will never know.

How is true communication essential in a relationship?

Communication is important in a relationship, it helps couple to say their feelings, desires and challenges. Communication give the relationship a shape.

What do you do if you're in a relationship and someone else tells you they love you?

You should be honest to yourself. If you love the person you are in relationship with then say no to the other person . If you don't love your boy friend that you don't want to be with him.If you love the person you are with then continue on with the relationship and the person that told you they love you will have to accept from you that that you do not love them. You do not owe the other person anything and either remain true to the person you are going with or breakup and date the person that told you they love you if you have the same feelings for them.

Ways to tell how you feel?

Verbal - Nothing beats this way to show and express your true feelings. everything else, even across the NET can be misconstrued; however, if you express your true feelings for someone by speaking directly to that person, then there will be no mistake. That shows confidence and character on your part.

What do you do if you love someone but they have a boyfriend they love?

Well if you really do truly love this person, you should tell him/her. They may have a boyfriend, but maybe they secretly like you too. You should at least tell your true feelings to them.

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but you are in love with another boy?

tell your boyfriend that you are sorry but you have feelings for someone else and you don't think the relationship is going to work out true u go girl

What does it mean when she tells me she has feelings for me but is confused?

The girl needs to be sure what sort of feelings she has for you. If its love then the person need not tell it , the person whom a girl really loves from the core of her soul understands it if the person is in love too. So if love is one sided only then there is scope for confusion. Its very difficult to hide feelings of true love. Words cannot express it.

What is the difference between friendship and love?

To know if a relationship is merely friendship or true love involves you looking at how the other person views the relationship. Does his/ her pupils widen when you are around them? Do your conversations sometimes drift towards feelings towards each other?

How long does it take a 50-year-man to know his feelings and if the relationship is going anywhere?

Where does this person want the relationship to go. If they want a casual companionship than dating and doing things together is where it will go. If they want something more serious then they need to talk to the other person involved to see if they are on the same level. I dont know if there is a specific time frame for a person of any age to know their true feelings. It could be love at first sight or it could take time. Does this person find themselves thinking about the other person constantly. Does this person like to do nice things for the other person. Does the other person mean alot to this 50 year old gentleman. Alot of things go into considering feelings. A very lonely desperate person of any age, could cling to someone quickly if they misread signals. The best thing for anyone is to ask the other person their feelings and where they see the relationship going. This will give a gauge of how much and what to invest, so to speak in the person and the relationship.

Is the owning relationship a primary relationship between a SMO and an individuals person category?


What is a true relationship?

Answer A true relationship is when two people are totally commited to each other, neither of them ever cheat on the other person. That's true love.

Me and my ex gf broke up earlier she broke up with me for a while but now were back together she told me how much she missed you etc.. wouldn't it be dumb just to lie about it and play games?

it is a lie you know! you should confront him about the true status of your relationship. let her tell the truth and let her tell you the the true feelings for you!

Describe the relationship between hamlet and ophelia?

There are some romantic feelings between Hamlet and Ophelia. The true nature of their relationship is unknown and only hinted at in the play.

What should you do if your friend's girlfriend tells you she has feelings for you?

Go talk to her about it and make sure you tell her that you respect your friend and that if she doesn't have true feelings for your friend she shouldn't be with him.

How do you do you get your ex-girlfriend back?

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