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How do you get the pokeflute in the gold version of Pokemon?

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2011-09-13 04:01:22

"How_to_get_to_the_director_in_the_radio_tower_from_Kanto" id=

"How_to_get_to_the_director_in_the_radio_tower_from_Kanto">How to

get to the director in the radio tower from Kanto

first go to kanto power plant talk to the manager next go to

cerulian city go to the gym

theres a team roket member you have to go after him to to the

bridge batle him ( he has a level 30 golbat ) after the bettle go

back to yhe gym use surf and look for the «machine part» go back to

the power plant and give it to thr maneger the go to lavander town

go to the radio tower talk to the maneger he ill give you a card so

you you can hear the radio in your pokegear and that's the


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