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How do you get the power steering pulley off to change the water pump on a 1991 mercury cougar 3.8 l?

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You DONT !!!! have to remove the power steering pump pulley to

remove the water pump. There are 2 Bolts & 1 Nut (15mm Deep

Well) that holds the housing on, by removing those 3 items, the

alternator & power steering pump will slide off towards the

front of the car as a whole unit therefor allowing you access to

the water pump. Its so much easier that way, that's how I did mine,

I have a 91 Mercury Cougar LS 3.8 Dont forget to put sealer on top

of the gasket after before you install your new water pump, I

forgot & had to take the whole shebang apart twice


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A special socket is required. Commonly called a power steering


It is a "U" shaped tool with a bolt running down the center. The

U slips over the end of the pully and the bolt is tightened down to

"pull" the pulley off. It is pretty simple to use. To reinstall the

pulley, the pump shaft is threaded, use a bolt and nut. Thread the

bolt into the shaft and tighten the nut , this will push the pulley

back on.

Try to find a local auto supply that has a "loan a tool"

program. They will require a refundable deposit on the tool.

NEVER hammer on the pulley, it will damage the pump.

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