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How do you get the radio to work again on a 97 Honda Accord v-tec?


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Check the fuse.

If it is a factory radio , It would be best to take it to a dealer and get then to put in the security code for it


Remember, this car has two fuses that operate the radio, one behind the driver kick panel, the other in the fusebox under the hood.

When the car was new, the 5 digit radio code was supplied on a card with the owner's manual. Sometimes it can be found on a small white decal stuck to the back side of the glove box door. Worst case scenario, remove the radio, get the serial and model numbers from the top of the radio, and purchase the code online for $5.


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any engine fom 1994-1997 accords will go in easy. no modification.. if it is a ex you will need and cannot find a vtec engine for it then you must remove vtec computer.. if you want to put a vtec in a lx,or dx model you will also need the vtec control and harness

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