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How do you get the regies on Pokemon Emerald?


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September 13, 2011 4:03AM

u can get them by beating the elite 4, i think don't have to, but anyways, go to that town near raquayza's place, surf to the left side of it, keep looking till u find a diving place, BUT, u must have a wailord and a relicanth, then dive and keep going till u fine these dots written on the wall, then read it, then use dive and go up and, and then start walking up and u might fine another writing on the wall, read it, and then put wailord in the front and relicanth in the back, or the other way around, an then use dig, and all the caves will open, (i think that's the way to do it), then go to dewford town(for regice) and go up, surf toward the left, keep lookin around, 'til u see an entrance to a small cave, then go to the writing on the wall, read it, and then take a lap around the cave (either way, touching the wall) and when ur back at the writing, read it again, it will open and regice will be there.

and then go to that place where theres a sandstorm, go inside it, and go down, u will find another cave entrance, go inside (u must have rock smash), then go up to the writing on the wall, read it, and then go left, left, down, down. Then use Rock Smash, and it will open, regirock will be insisde. for registeel, u go to lilycove city, go left until u get into really tall grass, then go down, and go up the stairs and keep going left, or if im not correct keep going up til u find another entrance, go inside (u must have flash), then go read the writing, then go to the middle of the cave and use flash, and then it will open, and u will find registeel, if this is not correct then go to and search what u want. bye,