Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you get the regies on pokemon emareld?

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How do you get to the battle frontier on Pokemon emareld?

beat the Pokemon league

Where can you find kings rock in Pokemon emareld?

You cant

Where do you get the regies on Pokemon FireRed?

you must trade them

Where do you find the regies in Pokemon Platinum?

you cant. you have to trade them from Pokemon emraled.

Can you catch all the regies in Pokemon platinum?


How do you catch the regies in Pokemon platnom?

you need to have the national pokedex

How do you get the regies in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Trade or wait for an event.

What are Legendary Pokemon?


Do you need to beat the Elite Four to get the Regies in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes you do.

Where do find the regies in Pokemon pearl if you don't have ruby sapphire or emerald?

Unfortunately, you must migrate the regies from ruby or sapphire. You cannot catch them in pearl/diamond.

How do you get all the regies Pokemon Platinum?

you can use cheats or have a regigigas from the 11th movie

Can you capture all of the regies again in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?


Where do you get lagandary Pokemon in Pokemon emareld?

there are groudon, kyogre, raquaza, & regice regirock and registeal and mew and ho-oh and lugia and latias latios and deoxys

In Pokemon emareld were do you get the unknown?

go to little root town and talk to pr.birch he should tell you after elite four and mew

How do you get all of the regies in Pokemon diamond?

You need to trade them from a Gamboy advance game where you can catch them.

How do you get the regies in Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

You keep fighting them holding the friend bow

How do you get the regies in po Pokemon red rescue team?

Get a higher rank and face them again

Do you need to finish the Sinnoh pokedex to find the regies in Pokemon platinum?

yes its easy

How do you catch Ho-oh in Pokemon emareld?

navel rock you need mystery gift or you can follow youtube and that new shorcut

Rare pokemon on sapphire?

Raquazia The regies Kyoger Latios Mew Deoxys Latias Jirachi

Were to get rare Pokemon?

try the caves where you find the regies also there is a tower by dewford where you can find raquaza

On Pokemon platimun how do you get the three regies?

you need to migrate them from either ruby,saphire,or emerald at palpark.

Where are the regies in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't find it at Pokemon Pearl you have to Transfer it from the GBA Games Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald via Pal Park

How can you get the three regies in fire red?

Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are not obtainable in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. You will need to trade with Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald to get these Pokemon.

Code for all 3 regis Pokemon diamond?

you can get the three regies from Pokemon platinum pearl and diaond but you must have an r4 action replay or cheats