How do you get the secret emoji menu on iOS?

To access to the iPhone's hidden emoji menu, you'll have to add a new keyboard. Don't worry--it's a fairly simple process, and it won't prevent you from using your standard keyboard.

These instructions are accurate for iOS version 12.

Start by heading over to your Settings app. Tap General, then Keyboards. Here, you'll have to tap on Keyboards one more time. Look to see if you've already got a keyboard called "Emoji." If so, you've already got the Apple emoji keyboard (but don't worry, we'll discuss a few ways to upgrade your emoji game in a moment).

If you don't see "Emoji," tap "Add New Keyboard," then look for "Emoji."

To switch to the emoji keyboard, go into your Messages app (or any other map that requires text input). When the keyboard pops up, tap the icon between the "123" and the microphone button (it looks like a globe). Tap on "Emoji," and you're ready to add some expression to your messages.

Tap any emoji to add it to your text. You'll also see certain words highlighted in your text messages; tap on any of those words to replace them with an appropriate emoji (for instance, the word "pizza" will be replaced by a slice of pizza).

If those emoji aren't enough for you, consider installing the Japanese - Kana keyboard. As its name implies, this is a Japanese keyboard produced by Apple, and it contains dozens of "Kaomojis." These are line drawing emoticons that look simpler and, well, cuter than their English counterparts.

When you're finished selecting Kaomojis, you can easily switch back to your English keyboard by tapping on the globe icon.

To get even more emoji, you'll have to install a third-party keyboard. Popular options include Swiftmoji, Bitmoji, and Touchpal. After installing these apps (and granting them full permissions--they won't work without high-level access to your phone, so keep that in mind when installing), you can enable or disable their keyboards by repeating the process outlined above.

That's it! Enjoy your new emoji-filled life. Just remember: Too many emoji makes us slightly-frowny face.