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vnthe Indiana tub faucets i have here on the diverter stems they have two flat sides on them and there is a special socket to remove that stem i got mine from a company called wil-mar once you have the tool the stem will come right out and there are two washers in there to replace

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How do you get the shower diverter stem out of the tap casting on an Indiana Brass shower diverter if the brass nut comes off but not the stem and the stem is not threaded and rotates 360 degrees?

Depending on the brand, there are 2 brass nuts. 1 is the one that holds the packing down around the stem so it won't leak (this is the easier of the 2 to get to & probably the 1 you've taken off) The 2nd one is larger (close to an inch) and it's the one that hold the valve stem in the body of the valve.

Where can one get a brass shower head?

Brass shower heads may be avaible in the nearest shops (Malls etc.) or in portals such as Amazon (dot) com with the query "brass shower head". There are also specialized shops such as Rain Brass Shower, contactable by the email address Rain@rain-shower(dot)com.

How do you replace a shower diverter in a mobile home?

If you are simply replacing the inside parts of the diverter, then you do it just by unscrewing the cap under the handle and pulling out the main ball. If you cannot get the same parts,which may happen if it's old, then you will have to fit an entire new diverter. If you are removing the entire diverter then you must remove enough of the tile etc, and wall to expose all connections. I have done a few and generally cut all 4 pipes about 6" away from the diverter. I then fit the new diverter in place and make the pipes meet the diverter with short sections of PEX joined to the old pipes with brass compression fittings, and to the diverter with PEX MIP fittings.. Test thoroughly before restoring any parts of the wall. Once you are certain it all works perfectly you can restore the wall and tiles.

How do you get the shower diverter out of the tap casting if you have taken the brass nut off but cannot remove the diverter stem because it rotates 360 and has no threads?

Some faucets have a C clip on the outside that hold the cartridge in. Some have an inside clip. It may be that you just need to pull straight out on the stem. Possibe to break something doing this, but sometimes it takes a bit of a pull. You can spray some WD-40 or similar on it and let it set awhile. you may have taken the bonnet nut off, you still may have to get socket wrench on stem nut in wall to take out diverter ( deep socket wrench works good but you may have to chip some tile around stem to get socket on it )

Can you do brass pressure die casting?

Yes you can do brass low and high pressure die castings.

How do you cast fine detail brass?

Probably by using the investment casting method.

Where can you get scrap brass or copper for home foundry for hobby casting in Blackburn England?

I usually melt copper wire, scrapped home brass furnishings, bullet casings and copper tubing for brass.

Are brass knuckles illegal in Indiana?

So-called "brass knuckles," or any variation of them, are illegal in every US state.

Does the pipe that your shower head connects to just twist out?

Yes, the shower neck is threaded into a brass fitting nailed to a wall stud.

Where can i buy bathtub handheld shower in brass in Illinois? we are a professional sanitary ware manufacture

What is the purpose of a brass bar?

It really depends on what type of brass bar one is talking about. Brass bars can be used to be made into many things including shower handle bars, coat racks, and other decorative pieces.

How do you clean brass fixtures in a shower?

Most hardware stores and even department stores sell brass cleaner. Simple to use and much easier than elbow grease.

What do you do on a battleship for two days?

Swab the deck, polish the brass, sleep, eat, shower and shave. Then do it again.

What trophy does the winner of Michigan state and Indiana football game receive?

Old Brass Spittoon

What is a shower head made of?

Most shower heads are made out of a combination of brass and plastic or rubber. They are usually chrome plated but may also have any number of exterior finishes.

What products does the Aqua Brass website offer?

The Aqua Brass website offer a number of shower, bathroom and kitchen accessories. One can purchase kitchen and bathroom faucets from them as well as baths and basins.

What has the author Richard Aloysius Flinn written?

Richard Aloysius Flinn has written: 'Copper, brass and bronze castings' 'Fundamentals of metal casting' -- subject(s): Founding

Besides chrome, what are my options for shower faucets?

Along with chrome, polished brass is the most popular. Other finishes available are stainless steel, satin and brushed nickel.

Why would there be great water pressure in an upstairs bath tub and almost no pressure in the adjacent shower when both use the same access pipe from the basement?

Remove the shower head on the shower and see if it is plugged. Run the water with the shower head off and see if the pressure is better. Depending on where you live there may be a water saving feature on the shower head (mandated by law) for water consevation. Low flow shower heads often have a restricter in them. Delta has a brass washer with a very tiny hole in it and Moen has a rubber plug with 3 small holes in it.

How often should you replace the shower valve?

Though not a plumber, I can say that shower valves are usually made of brass(a very good material). Therefore they are also expensive to replace (50 dollars for the valve, 150 dollars per shower valve if done by a competent plumber). Therefore, when you notice a leak coming from your shower, try to replace the seat washer (usually the hot water side needs to be replaced first). If you still have a leak, it's time to replace the shower valve.

What is a sentence with the word brass?

I play a brass instrument. Be sure to polish the brass doorknobs. The statue was made of brass. Your heart starts beating like a big brass band.

Is a the comet instrument a brass or woodwind?


Is a sousaphone high or low brass?

There is no such thing as "high brass". Only brass and low brass, and sousaphone/tuba is classified as low brass.

Why are brass instruments called brass?

because they are made of brass

Can you buy a cap for the hose part of the shower head?

If the hose screws onto the fixture, it should be a compression fitting, most likely a 3/8's. It will be brass, not chrome finished.

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