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You need a receiver or processor that routes the tv tuner thru to those speakers, unless, you have that built into your tv. Connect the audio-out input from the tv to the 'tv in' or 'aux' or 'vcr', etc. Then, connect those speakers to the appropriate jacks on the receiver....good luck!..BB

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Q: How do you get the sound from a television to go through surround speakers?
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How to set up surround sound on my LG LED TV?

Connect the digital audio output of the TV to a surround sound receiver and speakers.

What kind of products does Sony offer for Surround Sound?

Sony offers a avriety of surround sound products. They are car speakers, television speakers and home entertainment speakers as well. There are wireless speakers and different lenghts when it comes to hardwired speakers.

What is Bose surround sound and what is it used for?

Bose surround sound speakers are used to enhance TV watching or music listening experience. The speakers are designed to give a richer, truer quality to the sound, making the experience more enjoyable.

Are TV speakers able to be replaced?

It is possible to replace your TV speakers. However, you will probably end up with better sound quality if you disconnect the internal speakers and add an external or surround sound system.

How do you use cordless speakers?

You can use cordless or wireless speakers to enhance the sound of a television set. You can use the wireless speakers to create a surround sound effect by placing them in different areas of a room.

Should you buy a surround sound system or sound bar for your new LED tv?

Use a sound bar only if you don't care about real surround sound and are looking for something to mount to the wall as a one-piece system. Purchase a surround receiver and speakers if you want the best sound and true surround ability.

How do 5 way speakers work for surround sound?

cxan you use 5 way speakers for surround sound

Do surround sound speakers need to go through a receiver?

If you want the surround sound to play through them then yes. If you want some other audio to be played than no.

What is virtual surround sound?

Virtual surround uses 2 speakers to simulate the effect of a wider stereo image and surround speakers using digital processing. It is not as effective as real surround sound, which uses real rear and surround speakers.

How do you connect a surround sound to a PS3?

Connect your PS3 to your TV then connect you surround sound to your TV.

How do you hook up surround sound to element tv?

I tried to do this and there is no way you can have surround sound on that tv.

Will Bose 301 speakers work with a stereo?

Yes the Bose 301 Speakers will work with almost all speakers out there, and they are also compatible with televisions, and can be used as a surround sound home entertainment system too.

How do you make a sentence with surround?

The surround sound speakers were really loud.

Will you get 5.1 audio if you connect a sony DVD player to a 46 inch plasma tv with an HDMI cable and or coaxial cable?

No, you will need a surround sound receiver or amplifier with 5 speakers and a subwoofer to hear surround sound.

What does audio out mean on the back of your TV?

It means that you can add speakers to your TV. The sound will be coming OUT of your speakers but for audio in any device that makes sound will also be heard through your TV.

What are the best speakers for Wall Surround Sound?

Bose inwall speakers appear to be the best speakers that I can find on the internet for home theater, music and general wall surround sound. Bose speakers appear to be a very popular selection for wall surround sound systems.

What stores offer Sony surround sound speakers?

Stores that offer Sony surround sound speakers are Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Rent-a-center. Online stores that offer Sony surround sound speakers are Ebay and Amazon.

Where can I find surround sound speakers for my PSp?

You can try the PSP Attachable Sound Wave Speakers.

Can you control the treble and bass controls in JVC surround sound speakers?

You can control the treble and bass in JVC surround sound speakers if the surround sound receiver you are using has treble and bass controls available.

where should i place my surround sound speakers for the best sound quality?

You should place your surround sound speakers in different locations depending on the number of speakers, and the power of the speakers. The larger they are, the further from your seating position you'll place them.

Is it possible to play logitech speakers through your ps3?

That depends on specifically which speakers you had in mind, but I use Logitech Surround Sound speakers with my PS3 and they work fine.

I have a stereo receiver with four channel speakers and a subwoofer is there a way I can have the two front channels as regular sound speakers and the two rear channels as surround affect speakers?

If the receiver is just stereo, not surround sound, you will not be able to create a surround sound (front, centre, sub, surround) setup.

How many unique speakers can surround sound 7.1 support?

8 speakers

When was surround sound added to broadcast television in the US?

Broadcast surround sound began in the early 2000s.

Do you hook the surround sound to the TV or satellite?

check your surround sound if it has an HDMI or AV input jacks. if it has, then you are good to go. from your satellite receiver, attach the HDMI cable or AV cable. connect it to your surround sound. after connecting the satellite receiver box and surround sound, attach the HDMI or AV cable from the surround sound to your television.