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How do you get the spare tire out from under a 2001 dodge grand caravan?


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2009-09-17 00:26:44
2009-09-17 00:26:44

I own a 99 Grand Caravan. To get the spare tire out of it, you have to access a special crank mechanism in the rear (open the back gate and it should be under a U shaped flap in the carpet). I believe there is a crank tool in the van's jack storage compartment, also in the rear. Use this to lower the spare tire. As I remember, it is a pretty simple procedure after doing this.

Of course, you are asking about a 2001 Caravan, so yours may be different.

For what it's worth. Good luck!

Some tire stowage hangers on caravans also employ a "pop-in" type mechanism to aid stowage security, you may need to pry the tire down to allow it to pop out of its socket. Be careful not to force it too much, though, or something may break.


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