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try clening the contacts with emmery cloth that should do it.

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How do you unflood a dirt bike engine?

Take out the spark plugGet a lighter and light the silver part of the spark plugAfter that kick the dirt bike over about 5-6 times.If that still does not work repeat number 1 and 2 and get a mini torch and get the spot on fire where u put the spark plug while on fire kick the kick start over a few times and put the spark plug back in if that does not work u need a new spark plug.....happens to my KTM 65 2000 all the time!!

How do you make your mini bike work after just using original gass instead of mix?

You need to add the oil in the correct mixture you should have added in the first place. You may also need to remove the spark plug and spray a little WD40 in the cylinder and replace the plug. This should get the bike to start.

How do spark plug extenders work?

add itr bton the plug

Why do spark plugs foul on dirt bikes?

spark plugs tend to foul because too much oil builds up around the plug and it cannot work correctly. *sometimes* you can actually remove the plug, clean it, re-gap it, and replace it in the bike.

What device ignites gas in car engines?

The device that ignites gas in a car engine is the spark plug. The spark plug will not work without a device, called a coil, that sends a signal to the spark plug to tell it when to spark.

How do you work petrol engine work without spark plug?

It won't.

What is the spark plug gap of a sears trimmer?

anywhere between 16 and 18 on a spark plug gauge should work fine.

What is the gap for ar135 spark plug on a 350 sbc?

The spark plug gap for an AR135 spark plug on a 350 SBC should be set at .034 inches. This is equal to .86 mm so a spark plug set to .9 mm should work correctly.

What happens when spark plug wires are to short?

They will not reach the plug, therefore the engine will not work.

Will diesel engine work better with a spark plug?

Actually , there are no spark plugs in a diesel engine

What spark plug for toro 20092?

Champion RJ19LM will work.

Do non adjustable spark plugs work in a 1992 Wrangler?

All spark plug gaps are adjustable.

How does kill switch work on car?

The kill switch interupts the spark to the spark plug and stops the eingine.

What is the spark plug gap on a 1980 suzuki gn400x?

Hello just picked one of these bikes up for my girlfriend to start out with its a pretty cool bike. The gap is .6 to .7 using a gnk plug metric bike. This one was burning rich and had a hard time with smooth idle any ideas? Hello great starter bike the gap is .6 to .7 gnk plugs work the best and the heat of the plug might have to be changed to make the bike run better.

How does a distributor work?

The distributor takes the electrical output from the coil and sends it to the spark plug. The rotor is the device that transfers the electricity from the coil wire to the spark plug wire.

Will Honda Accord spark plug wires work in a Honda Civic?

yes they will

Where is the spark plug on a 2006 polaris sportsman 450?

Just changed a plug this AM. Remove the right side panel. On top of the cylinder (top of engine) there is an orange or red rubber plug. Spark Plug is under this waterproof plug. Need a 5/8" spark plug socket and about a 3 inch extention to remove plug. Kind of a pain to get to. Tight area to work in. Good Luck!

What torque converter will work on a Baja Warrior mini bike?

How do you remove spark plugs fromm 99 2 7 dodge intrepid there is a ledge in the cylinder even with the bolt of the spark plug no socket i have found will grab the plug is there a special tool?

A normal 5/8 spark plug socket should work just fine.

Does E3 spark plugs make a BR9EYA spark plug?

Yes, the e 3.30 will work for you BR9EYA. Go arctic cat

How to Change spark plugs in 1988 2.8L cutlass ciera?

Work one at a time to avoid connecting the wrong spark plug wire. Gently pull on the wire at the connection point to release it from the plug. Use a spark plug socket to remove the old plug. Measure the gap on the new plug and ensure it is at .045. Install the new plug and reattach the wire. Repeat for the other plugs.

Will a mcculloch spark plug work in a poulan pro 260 chain saw?


What type of spark plug wire do you need for 83 Honda xl250?

any solid core plug wire should work

Why would spark plug not tighten?

The threads in the head may be dirty. Try cleaning them out with a round wire brush. If that does not work, try a different plug. If another spark plug will not tighten, then the threads in the head are damaged and you need them professionally repaired.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1987 Ford F-250?

The spark plug gap on a 1987 Ford F-250 should be set between .042 and .050 inches. Platinum spark plugs may work best for this vehicle.

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