Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get the super rod on pearl?

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Once you get the national dex, head to the fight area (Use the ship in Snowpoint City) then go on the north road. Before you reach the foyer thing, there is a fisherman who gives you the super rod. (answer yes to all his questions).

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What is the best rod in Pokemon Pearl?

a super rod is the best rod in Pokemon pearl/dimond/platnim

Where to get super rod in pearl?


In pearl is it better to catch a feebas with a good rod or a super rod?

It is better to catch Feebas with a Super Rod.

Is there any better rod then super rod in pearl?

No. sorry to disappoint!

Do you catch a Feebas with a super rod for Pokemon Pearl?

No, try the good rod.

Where is the super rod in Pokemon pearl?

Fight Arena. Talk to the fisherman. Say yes to his question. Get a Super Rod.

Can you catch a wailord with the super rod in pearl?

Yes, you must use a Super Rod on Routes 223 and 230.

What can you catch with a super rod in pearl?

pokemon in the sea

Where do you get a super rod Pokemon Platinum?

You can receive a Super Rod from a fisherman in the Fight Area on Pokemon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl.

How do you get a master rod on pearl?

I don't think you get a Master Rod on Pokemon Pearl. The best you get I think is a Super Rod, and you get that from the fisherman by the west entrance of the Fight Area. == ==

Where do you get the Pokemon lumion in Pokemon Pearl?

Super rod at Canalave,

How do you get a lumineon in Pokemon pearl?

route 218 super rod

Where to get a super rod on Pokemon pearl?

The Fishing Guru gives it to you. He is in the Fight Area.The super rod is given to you by the Fishing Guru in the Fight Area.

Where can you get a kings rock in pearl?

go fishing with your super rod or good rod on routes 208 & 225.

Where do you get the Super Rod for Pokemon Pearl?

you can find the super rod in diamond/pearl when you beat the game. then go to snowpoint city and take the boat to the battle zone. once you are done talking go to where you got off the boat go up to the fisherman talk to him and he will give you the super rod.

Where can you get finnion on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Using the Super Rod nearby Valley Windworks. The Super Rod can be gotten from a fisher (not fishing) at the Northeast Island.

Where do you get a super rod in pearl?

after elite 4 in battle are from a fisherman near the gate

How do you catch Horsea in pearl?

Fish for it (using a super rod) on route 226.

Where do you catch crawphish in pearl?

its cawfish and use the super rod at the pond in celestictown

Were do you get a dragonaiar on Pokemon pearl?

In a certain lake in Mt. Coronet with a super rod.

How do you get chinchou in pearl?

Route 220 (Super Rod) 30% encounter rate.

Where to get a rod in Pokemon pearl?

old rod going to canalave city good rod rt209 i think and super rod after getting national pokedex fight area

Where to catch poliwag on Pokemon Pearl?

You can catch it in route 225, in the water, but make sure to use good rod not super rod or old rod

How do you catch a mantyke in Pokemon Pearl?

you get a good rod(or super rod maby)and fish in the sea on the way to victory road

Where do you find Finneon on Pokemon Pearl?

I THINK you should fish with a good rod or a super rod on the beach in Sandgem Town...